Fortnite’s New 8.10 Patch Changes Some Older Skins

Fortnite’s 8.10 patch is now available across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Headlining this week’s update is the new Baller vehicle, but the patch also makes numerous other changes to the game, including to a handful of outfits.

With the 8.10 update, developer Epic has given a makeover to a few of the game’s older skins. «We’ve seen you being vocal about wanting to see the face behind the masks of some of our helmeted outfits, so we’ve done a pass on previous outfits,» the developer explained in its latest blog post.

Specifically, six skins have been updated with this week’s patch: Scarlet Defender, Elite Agent, Renegade Raider, Waypoint, Overtaker, and Whiteout. Epic says that it’ll be «working on more outfit styles and other broad stroke improvements» to Fortnite’s art in the future.

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That isn’t the extent of the cosmetic changes update 8.10 has made; Epic has also implemented custom animations for numerous consumable items, including the Chug Jug and Slurp Juice. The developer says it will work on making visual improvements to the game’s lighting, the day/night cycle, wraps, and more.

Along with the aforementioned Baller, update 8.10 also made some big cross-play changes. Following the patch, PS4 and Xbox One players will now be grouped in the same matchmaking pool by default, while Switch and mobile players will be grouped together. You can read more about this and other changes in the full 8.10 patch notes.

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