No Man’s Sky VR Announced As Second Pillar Of Beyond Expansion

No Man’s Sky is getting another large-scale update, and this one is different. A «No Man’s Sky VR» update is scheduled for this summer, which will add free support for PlayStation VR and Steam VR. Hello Games boasts that this is the entire game brought into VR rather than a separate mode.

According to the announcement, this is the second major pillar to the Beyond expansion that Hello Games previously announced. The first pillar is a major overhaul to its online play, and a third pillar is yet to be announced. Though Beyond is scheduled for all platforms, Beyond will get a PS4-exclusive retail release. That will include the base game with all updates, including Beyond and its VR support.

The online update of Beyond is said to add features that will allow players to meet up and play together more easily. Though it will make the game more MMO-like, Hello has cautioned that it won’t be monetized like one. The update will be free, it won’t have microtransactions, and it won’t require a subscription to play online (other than your regular Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus subscription).

Last year, No Man’s Sky issued a large-scale update called Next, which overhauled many of the game’s systems. It was such a major update that we named it one of the best expansions of 2018. Hello has subsequently been issuing regular updates, like the underwater Abyss expansion and tons of new biomes in the Visions expansion.

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