How Halo: Reach Will Be Added To Halo: MCC And What It Costs

Halo: Reach is finally coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and now Microsoft has clarified how you’ll get access to it on Xbox One and PC.

On Xbox One, the game’s multiplayer content—include Forge and Theatre—will be free for everyone who owns the game. The game’s campaign and Firefight mode, however, are getting bundled together in a «premium digital add-on» that you’ll have to buy. Pricing was not disclosed, however.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have the easiest path to getting all of Halo: Reach’s components. Members will receive «the entirety of Halo: Reach,» according to Microsoft. The word «entirety» suggests there will not be an extra cost for Game Pass members.

Halo: Reach is also coming to the newly announced PC version of Halo: MCC, and its release structure is a little different. According to Microsoft’s news release, the game’s «campaign, multiplayer, and Firefight [will be] available for purchase…»

It’s not clear if Reach’s campaign, multiplayer, and Firefight will be bundled together in one package or each sold as individual elements. Microsoft has said it will share many more details about Halo: MCC’s release on PC in the time ahead, so all should become clear eventually.

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