Destiny 2 Thorn Quest: Here’s How To Find The Start

Destiny 2’s latest reset has brought two big new quest lines: the allegiance quest, which has players choosing between the Drifter and the Vanguard to advance the story, and the quest to retrieve Thorn, an Exotic hand cannon of Destiny 1 legend. Here’s how you can get started on obtaining Thorn for yourself.

There’s a ton of story surrounding Thorn, as well as The Last Word, and the two men who wielded those guns. They’re both related to the Drifter and his story, which is central to Joker’s Wild, the latest content expansion with Destiny 2’s Annual Pass. We know the quest is in the game, but up until now, the start of it wasn’t especially clear. Our speculation right now is that finishing the allegiance quest line leads to the start of Thorn—but thanks to the smart (or quick) Redditor arcxschxll, you can find the start of the quest immediately. Hopefully it doesn’t break the quest line.

Warning: Probable spoilers beyond, so read on (and start the quest) at your own risk.

To start the Thorn quest, you need to find the camp of Shin Malphur, the Man With The Golden Gun. He’s the former owner of The Last Word, and if you completed that quest last season, you read some correspondence with him that illuminated his quest to stop former associates of the Drifter called the Shadows of Yor. During the allegiance quest, the Drifter notes that Shin is in the EDZ, and a datamined piece of lore describes a meeting between Shin and Aunor, a Vanguard Warlock who’s also hunting the Shadows. The lore item says that Shin’s confrontation with a few Shadows happens in the EDZ’s Salt Mines area, and if you head there, you can find the location where it all went down.

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The video above can show you how to get there. Spawn in at the Trostland location on the map and head north to the tunnel at the end of the area to reach the Salt Mines. Continue forward until you hit the elevator that was part of the early story mission here to reach the top of the mines and meet up with Hawthorne. There’s a small teleporter beside the elevator that will take you to the top of the mountain, back outside.

Once there, continue up the path until you see a Fallen forcefield to your right. Look up at the cliff wall ahead to spot a small cave with a light inside. Climb up and through to find Shin’s camp on the far side, complete with the dead body of a Guardian. Head to the camp fire and you’ll be prompted to «Sift through the ashes.»

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That’ll uncover «A Melted Hunk of Metal,» a twisted piece of Thorn. Take it to Banshee-44 in the Tower to start the Thorn quest.

Keep in mind that we don’t know if this breaks the end of the allegiance quest line, so cheat your way to Thorn at your own risk. And speaking of possible bugs with the allegiance quest, apparently if you try to pick up the start of the quest with your Pursuits inventory full, it might disappear. Bungie says it’s investigating the issue, but be sure to check your inventory before you start it—and before you go track down the Melted Hunk of Metal.

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