Microsoft’s «Halo Insider Program» Gives Fans A New Way To Offer Input On Games

Microsoft and 343 Industries have announced a new program that allows Halo fans a way to provide input on upcoming games, products, and services.

Named the «Halo Insider Program» the initiative gives players the opportunity to participate in early access play sessions with Halo games that are still in development.

Players can opt into what the developers are calling «public flighting» on PC or console in order to participate in these play sessions. In exchange, to gaining access, players will be asked to provide feedback.

Effectively, this sounds like what any gamer would expect from alpha or beta game access. However, the requirements seem to be a bit more strict.

While most alpha and beta testing events are more or less open to anyone who signs up, the Insider Program is intended for experienced Halo players. When signing up for the program, players will be asked questions about their experience with the Halo series. They’ll be required to provide information on what Halo games they’ve played, and they’ll also be asked questions regarding the modes they have the most experience with.

These questions aren’t just to figure out if those signing up are actually familiar with the franchise, but also to determine which sessions players will be invited to participate in. As the website notes, each flight has specific goals, and not all insiders will be invited to particpate in them.

But don’t worry, players who don’t qualify for one will likely qualify for another.

For this reason, players are encouraged to keep their Halo Insider settings up to date so that they can be certain they will be invited to participate in flights for which they qualify.

It’s also worth noting that those who wish to participate in flights will be asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Players will not be able to share certain data about their experiences.

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