Dystopian Cyberpunk Adventure Beyond A Steel Sky Announced At Apple Event

During today’s Apple Event the sequel to the Revolution Software’s 90s cyberpunk game Beneath a Steel Sky was revealed as part of the Apple Arcade lineup.

Titled Beyond a Steel Sky, the game is an adventure game set in an AI-driven sandbox world. It’s a world filled with dystopian themes, some relevant to today’s world — such as fake news, social controls, and the polarization of communities and families through extreme views.

Created and developed by Charles Cecil and comic book artist Dave Gibbons, the game is highly narrative, with player actions having an impact on the world and each of its AI characters. The NPCs themselves have wills and motivations and are designed to be intelligent enough to provide the player with an immersive world as they go about solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

The game uses graphics technology that allows players to experience the comic book-style art in real time HDR or 4K.

For those not familiar with the game’s predecessor, Beneath a Steal Sky, it’s a cyberpunk sci-fi point-and-click game developed by Revolution Software in 1994.  The game was originally released on MS-DOS and Amiga home computers, and was later released as PC freeware in 2003.

In fact, there are still several places where those interested in the earlier game can grab it for free, including Tom’s Guide, GOG, and Archive.org.

Surprisingly, it’s not available on Steam. It is, however available in it’s remastered form on iOS for $2.99.

The game is set in a dystopian future where the player takes on the role of a man who was stranded in the wasteland as a child and raised by Aboriginals before being taken back to to civilization years later.

He escapes his captors and finds himself in the middle of a mystery filled with corruption.

The story continues in Beyond a Steel Sky — which as mentioned earlier was revealed at the Apple Event. It will be available later this year as one of the many games that will be available in the Apple Arcade.

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