How to Use PUBG’s Replay Controls

Recently, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds received a cool, new feature — Replays. It allows players to record and watch their previously played matches and see if they could have played any better — or see how well they owned the competition.

It is a truly great tool that can make you a much better player if you can correctly identify your mistakes — or just have fun watching all the whacky moments with your friends.

If you’re having trouble understanding how the Replay controls work in PUBG, then here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Replay Controls in PUBG

Replay controls in PUBG allow you to change the camera angle, speed up or slow down the playback, and even activate an X-ray mode. All the available features are listed below:

    • J: Time line ON/OFF (Player can move to desired time, pause)
    • P: Pause
    • ↑, ↓: Play speed change
    • B: Back to own character
    • W, A, S, D: Camera move
    • E, Q: Camera height change
    • Holding Shift, Ctrl: Camera move speed change
    • TAB: Open the player list (If you click the player ID, camera moves to that player’s view)
    • V or LMB: Observing camera (You can see the view of the selected player – FPP if available)
    • C or RMB: Following camera (The camera follows selected player and you can control the camera angles and zoom — Over the shoulder or TPP)
    • F or SPACE: Free camera (Move to the camera view which can freely move on the map)
    • L: Open the battle list (You can check engagements with and around the currently selected player)
    • M: Map (If you LMB click the player’s icon on the map, you can move to the observing camera of the selected player. If you RMB click any empty area of the map, you can move to the free camera at that position)
    • H: Show all Player Names
    • X: X-ray mode (show all player model outlines through objects)
    • Ctrl+U: Hide/Show HUD (same as in game control)

Now you can enjoy watching and analyizng your replays even more, and for other PUBG guides at GameSkinny, check out the list below

Whether you like it or not, the Partner’s Jacket in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is only available for PUBG partners. You cannot buy this jacket, and the owners of the item cannot sell it to you.

So the only way to get this exclusive piece of gear is to apply to become a full-fledged PUBG partner. If you want to know how to do it, then follow our step-by-step guide below.

How to Become a PUBG Partner

Step #1: Start Creating Content

If you look at the list of featured PUBG partners on the community’s official Twitter, you will notice that all of them are long-time PUBG streamers and YouTubers.

This means that if you want to be eligible for the partnership, you will need to start creating solid content — and the sooner the better. Follow some of the partners and see what kind of content they create, and try to make your own content, if not better, then at least on the same level.

Step #2: Gain Influence

Only creating content is not good enough to become a leader in the community. You must have a distinct voice, and give good feedback to both players and developers.

If you have no idea how to do this, then simply follow an advice given by Melissa Mok, PUBG‘s Senior Partnerships Manager:

Don’t give up! If even one person watches your content consistently, you’re making a difference in their life. I realize some people will read this and tell me to not be so full of myself in thinking videos or live streams make a difference in people’s lives, but they do. Whether you realize it or not, your personality is drawing people to you and you’re making a community in which they feel comfortable, safe, and happy to be themselves; they like being surrounded by people who are like them and accept them.

Step #3: Apply for Partnership

If you feel that you’ve done your part and gained certain status within the PUBG community, then you can apply for the next partnerships program.

As of this writing, the application is closed. If you want to know when it will be open, just subscribe to the PUBG Partners Twitter account and check it frequently for all the news and updates.

Good luck with applying for the PUBG partnership program and finally obtaining that cool-looking jacket. For any other PUBG guides here at GameSkinny, see the list below

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