Kirby Shares the Love on Nintendo Switch This Spring

During this morning’s (somewhat) surprising Mini Direct, Nintendo finally unveiled a release date for Kirby Star Allies: March 16. Originally announced in 2017, Kirby Star Allies is a brand-new side-scrolling adventure that marks Kirby’s debut on the Nintendo Switch.

Showing off the pink puffer’s newest journey in greater detail, the footage displayed during the Direct highlighted some of the gameplay elements players can expect to get their hands on:

Kirby’s new Artist ability will allow players to use the world as their canvas, creating unique attacks that take down enemies in creatively strategic ways. And the new Spider ability will allow players to ensnare their enemies, immobilizing them and taking them out of the fight.

Friend abilities look to take the classic co-op found in other Kirby games to a new level, letting up to four players “mix and match abilities,” creating new ways to defeat enemies. Players will even be able to share copy abilities to open new paths throughout their adventure through Dreamland.

But perhaps one of the most interesting additions to the Kirby franchise in Star Allies is the friend heart, a new item that allows Kirby to call in allies and even turn enemies into friends.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Kirby Star Allies as it develops.

The best-selling Total War series is going back to the ancient world, this time in China. Creative Assembly announced the launch of Total War: Three Kingdoms on January 10th with a two-minute gameplay trailer on YouTube and via Twitter.

Three Kingdoms looks to be a return to “the real world” but with a twist. While the game is based on the real events surrounding the power struggle that occurred at the end of the Han Dynasty, it looks to draw heavily from the 14th-century Chinese epic novel that has become a fountain of inspiration for films, literature, and games.

The series originated back in 2000 with SHOGUN: Total War, talking place in feudal Japan. The series then went to medieval Europe, the ancient Mediterranean, and to the fantasy Warhammer universe in recent outings.

Three Kingdoms looks to possibly be adopting the more story-based approach taken by the Warhammer titles in the series, with gameplay revolving around three “brothers”: Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

The game page is already up on Steam, with a release date of Fall 2018. If Creative Assembly can leverage what they learned from the excellent Warhammer games and combine it with a fresh, quasi-historical setting, this could be a major hit.

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