Mark My Words: Dragonball FighterZ Will Be More Popular Than Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

If you’re following fighting games news, then you are well aware of the release of the two games based on popular franchises later this month: Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

This is great news for both fighting games fans and the fans of the respective franchises. But which one do you think will be more popular in the end? Well, let’s try and figure this one out, but something tells me it’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, and here’s why.

Dragon Ball Z Is a Fighter, Final Fantasy Is Not

Undoubtedly, both Dragon Ball Z and Final Fantasy are super popular, but the problem with Final Fantasy is that it’s an RPG game, and although there is a crowd for fighting games based on FF characters, it is much smaller than that of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball has always been a fighting game, and it has a huge audience that knows what it wants and what to expect from the FighterZ game. This alone makes DBZ so much more attractive for new and casual players. However, there is also a big chance that Dissidia will attract a new playerbase as well.

There won’t be much competition in the end since the two games are rather different. Dissidia is an arena fighter, while FighterZ is a classic 2D fighter, so there is enough room for both on the market. It’s just the sheer popularity of DBZ among fighting gamers that will pull it to the leading spot.

Both Technically and Gameplay-wise, Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Be Better

In order for Dissidia‘s online mode to be good, you will have to play with at least 4-6 other players, which is not as easy to achieve as it seems. Also, the gameplay itself can at times be really frustrating. Instead of giving players simple options, you must first decide everything in terms of customization, such as equipment, armor, etc., which is not what you want to do in a fighting game at all.

DBFZ is a totally different story. Its simple yet effective combat merges elements of the previous DBZ games and Marvel vs. Capcom fighters. No customizations or additional work needed — all you have to do is choose a character and fight in a familiar manner.

Of course, if you want a complex arena experience, then Dissidia would be your first choice, but DBFZ has a 3v3 mode as well, so there isn’t much of a difference really.

What the Future Holds for Both Games

While both games have well-established story modes, it looks like DBFZ will have more changes in the future. So you can expect certain shifts in the story there, which is great, as many fans have gotten tired of the same ol’ storylines migrating from one game to another.

There are also rumors that the online aspect of DBFZ will be constantly improved and upgraded with better netcode. On the other hand, this aspect will probably be the biggest problem for Dissidia, which already receives early reports of bad online support.

Well, it’s no surprise, since DBFZ is in the hands of Arc Systems, a developer that knows the franchise really well and generally has high quality standards. Team Ninja, who developed Dissidia, also has a great name to it, but it’s not particularly well versed in specifically fighting games.

So be sure to expect some lags and other unpleasant network-related issues when playing Dissidia in online mode. Apart from that, the game doesn’t have much to offer in the single-player department either. So it does all come together in favor of DBFZ.

The two games are obviously quite different and will cater to different audiences. Each game will have a fanbase of its own, but in the end, it is clear that DBFZ will have a much larger following. So if you still haven’t decided on which one you want to play, then be sure to check out DBFZ first.

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