Mobile RPG Onmyoji Soft Launches English Language Version

Released in Asia at the end of 2016, Onmyoji quickly took players in that market by storm, becoming one of the most-played mobile RPGs in China, Japan, and Korea last year. To date, the game has seen some 200 million downloads and won various awards, including the Google Play 2017 Award for Most Competitive Game in China. Because of that popularity, Onmyoji was also successful in Western countries during that time, despite it not being localized for those countries.

However, NetEase has been working to develop an English version of Onmyoji — and today, the company announced the release of a localized version for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia. Available on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store, Onmyoji features turn-based PvE and PvP modes, as well as an anime aesthetic that provides the backdrop for a magical journey through a world where spirits and humans battle for dominion over the world.

Additionally, NetEase plans on bringing Onmyoji to the PC sometime in the future. It will be available via the Facebook Gameroom and Steam. All versions of the game are planned to provide players seamless play between mobile and PC without creating new characters.

As of this writing, there is no information regarding either a soft or full release of the English version in the United States. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Onmyoji as it develops.

Hit-Point, the developers behind the 2014 smash hit Neko Atsume, are ready to make a splash in the mobile pond yet again. This time focusing on a frog with some serious wanderlust, Tabi Kaeru (“Travel Frog”), like its cat-collecting cousin, is only available in Japanese, and it can be found on both iTunes and the Google Play Store by searching “旅かえる.”

In Travel Frog, you prepare your adorable amphibian buddy for exotic adventures by packing him some lunch, loading him up with clovers (which serve as the game’s currency), and equipping him with various accessories. While he’s off exploring the virtual hinterlands — for hours on end — you’re free to go about your real-world life until he returns, usually with some goodies he came upon and perhaps even a photo from his travels. The spoils from his daily adventure can then be used to ready him for the next journey … and so on and so forth.

Make GameSkinny your go-to lilypad for all things Tabi Kaeru, and together we’ll watch him grow from aimless tadpole to seasoned amphibian adventurer.

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