Top 5 Reasons PUBG’s Battle Royale Is a Better Experience than Fortnite

When comparing two of the current most popular Battle Royale games on the market — Fortnite and PUBG — it’s a good idea to separate the two in terms of what they offer and what purpose they were designed to serve in the first place.

Common between them are the rules of the game. Both games pit a hundred players against each other on a map with different locations. The goal is the same: to get as much good loot as possible and to survive the last-man-standing battle.

But what are the differences? Well, the five listed below should be enough to prove to you that PUBG is the clear winner when it comes to the Battle Royale formula.

1. Need Weapons? We’ve Got Plenty

The range and variety of weapons in PUBG is way more sophisticated than in Fortnite. Every weapon in PUBG not only looks realistic but also carries all the original weapon stats, such as fire rate, recoil, magazine capacity, etc. The realism of PUBG weaponry is clearly visible in the physics of its behavior, down to the smallest details.

In PUBG you can attach different scopes, grips, and other cool little things to different weapon models, while in Fortnite, this option is currently unavailable. You can have so much fun trying out various attachments and figuring out the most optimal configuration for your character in PUBG.

2. More Diverse Map

If you look at Fortnite‘s map, all you see is one huge piece of land with some variety in its locations but, to be honest, a total lack of truly great urban settings. In PUBG, on the other hand, both maps, including the latest desert map Miramar, have additional smaller islands. This makes PUBG‘s maps so much more exciting and explorable.

Now let’s get back to urban settings — there are plenty of those on both maps in PUBG. More than that, they look great and have genuinely clever design. In Fortnite, players can build their own structures, but that is such a distraction when all you want to do is shoot, shoot, shoot.

3. Cartoony or Realistic? Your Choice

It’s really impossible to define objectively which of the two styles is better — that of cartoonish Fortnite or realistic PUBG. It really is a matter of taste. But if you think about the whole idea of shooters, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to give maximum realism to your game? It probably would.

The realism of PUBG totally immerses you into the combat, and you don’t really care about flashy images or funny-looking explosions when your character’s life is at stake. It really is all about the experience, and the realistic approach is definitely a winning strategy here.

4. Vehicles

Fortnite has vehicles, but you can’t drive them. Why not? Well, nobody knows, but PUBG has vehicles, and they’re quite good at what they do. You can quickly get from one location to another or just escape the unwanted chasers.

On top of that, you have boats that let you travel to distant islands, which is a huge plus in my book. Can you imagine driving a boat in Fortnite? Of course you can, and it would be amazing. But it can’t be done yet, so this alone makes PUBG so much better.

5. Intensity of the Last Circle

It’s hard to identify exactly why it feels like this, but the intensity of the last shootout in PUBG is far greater than that in Fortnite. it is probably due to more realistic environments and physics.

Every time you survive long enough to stand against the last few survivalists, it just gets your blood boiling in PUBG, while in Fortnite, it does feel fun, but not as rewarding.

And if you do get to be the last man standing, you will be congratulated with the famous “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” catchphrase, which is a really nice, distinct touch that Fortnite lacks.

A few other things could be mentioned as well, such as sound design and customization options, but for now, these five reasons should give you a good idea of why PUBG is a superior Battle Royale experience. Leave feedback in the comments section below if you’d like to give your two cents on the PUBG versus Fortnite debate.

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