Editor and theater Director Timur Zarudny talk about long-term projects

17 August at 17:00 at the Coworking “House” editor, and theatre Director from Khabarovsk Timur Zarudny tell which algorithm helps him to work on long term projects, forming habits, reduce stress, and not to faint.

Long-term projects is to learn English, to run, to write regularly in a blog, learn to play the guitar and many other tasks with which you find it difficult to cope without motivation.

It is not about success and achievement, and about the fact that we are all human. Will tell you for free, in a rush, with unfunny jokes and funny pictures.

Timur writes in “Billboard”, “T—W” the medical magazine “Just ask”, creates the concept of the restaurants and shops: “Muscat Keith, Keldi”, “While you are young”. Since 2013, making films about every year. Wrote a course on how to do long-term projects.

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