In Gorky Park free show VR-series “Invisible”

Samsung unveiled its VR platform series “Invisible,” dubbed in Russian language.

Produced and directed the film was made by Doug Liman (“the Bourne Identity”, “Force majeure”, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), whose Studio specializiruetsya on creating VR content. The script was written by the nominee of the award “Oscar” Melissa Wallack (“Dallas buyers club”). World premiere of the series took place in October 2016.

"The fact that the viewer in virtual reality can look at the same scene from different angles, makes creating VR movies challenging and exciting at the same time," said Lyman.

To watch the series for free using points of virtual reality and service Samsung VRor without them on the website of the company. Also on 3 August in Gorky Park will host free screenings of "Invisible". To register on TimePad.

Source: Samsung

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