Russia Accused of Using World Cup to Bury Bad News

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Opposition politicians accused the Kremlin of using Russia’s World Cup as a cover to avoid dissent while it pushes through unpopular measures, while all eyes are on the country’s sporting successes and a de facto ban in place on political protests. Since the start of the tournament, plans have been set in motion to raise Read More

Moscow’s 21 Best Eats

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Stolovaya 57 Breakfast Cook’s Kareku Serving breakfast 24 hours a day, this is the perfect place to go whether you’re craving Texas-style steak and eggs at seven in the morning, or eggs Benedict at ten at night. You get a discount if you order a breakfast from a part of the world where it’s currently Read More

7 of Moscow’s Must-See Sights

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Pixabay The Moscow Kremlin “Come to me, brother, in Moscow.” With those words written in 1147 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky to his cousin, the history of Moscow began. At the time, Moscow was nothing more than a small trading post located on a high bluff at the intersection of two rivers: the Moscow River and Read More

Horse-Riding Lawmaker Gets Police Summons for Protest

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Police in Russia’s Far East have reportedly summoned a local official to reprimand him for riding a horse to work in protest of recent increases in gas prices. Mikhail Puchkovsky, a regional lawmaker in Kamchatka, said he was forced to ditch his car after local gas stations raised fuel prices by as much as 10 percent last Read More

Russian Court Says ‘Inconvenience’ No Longer Cause to Deny Protests

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A top Russian court ruled that authorities cannot deny protesters permission to gather in public just because they may be a nuisance to others. Municipal administrations across Russia have regularly used various provisions of the Administrative Code to deny permits, as well as to fine or jail protesters. Most recently, the Kremlin passed a new order to restrict protests for the duration of the football World Read More

A Day at the Museum

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The Tretyakov Gallery The Tretyakov Gallery houses Moscow’s largest and finest collection of Russian art. The collection was founded by Pavel Tretyakov, the scion of a wealthy textile merchant family. Tretyakov bought his first paintings in 1856; by 1892 when he gifted it to the city of Moscow, it already contained 2,000 works. Tretyakov kept Read More

4 Moscow Day Trips

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Suzdal / Legion-Media Abramtsevo Artistic Retreat on a Beautiful Estate Abramtsevo Estate, just 60 kilometers from Moscow, has a long and eventful history. It started out as the center for the Slavophile movement in the early 19th century. Under the leadership of Sergei Aksakov, the estate was frequented by the likes of Nikolai Gogol and Read More

Russia’s World Cup Will Pay Off. Just Not Today (Op-ed)

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A ruble for every kopeck? Francois Lenoir / Reuters With a price tag of around $50 billion, headlines in the run-up to the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 were quick to dub them “the most expensive Games ever.” The World Cup also comes with a big bill — and criticism.  The Russian government has earmarked Read More

Moscow Police Arrest Drone-Flying Australian

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Police in Moscow have reportedly detained an Australian football fan for flying a drone in violation of World Cup regulations. Russia has restricted drone use as part of its efforts to hold a safe and secure football tournament, now underway in 11 cities. Recent reports said the Russian military planned to deploy anti-drone units to protect World Read More