Russia calls for UN security council meeting to discuss Salisbury nerve agent attack – Politics live

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  • Russia has called for a meeting of the United Nations security council to discuss the Salisbury nerve agent attack. (See 5.11pm.)
  • Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary, has accused Jeremy Corbyn of “playing Russia’s game” over Salisbury. (See 5.02pm.) He hit back at the Labour leader after Labour accused him of “misleading the public” in what he said about Porton Down being “categorical” about the nerve agent used in the attack coming from Russia. (See 12.47pm.)

‘Absolutely categorical’: Boris Johnson insists novichok was made in Russia – video

  • The Foreign Office has deleted a tweet saying Porton Down confirmed the Salisbury novichok nerve agent was produced in Russia. (See 12.26pm.)
  • Sergei Naryshkin, the director of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, has said the Salisbury attack was a “grotesque provocation rudely staged by the British and US intelligence agencies.” (See 12.13pm.)

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