The loudest divorces of billionaires: how many ex-wives got

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This year, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, divorced. He agreed to give his wife Mackenzie a substantial stake in Amazon. Now she will be the third in the list of the richest women in the world.

Other “foreign” billionaires with divorce also divide huge sums. Russian oligarchs are not far behind. At the end of April, the court decided that two-thirds of the jointly acquired property would be received by ex-wife of Pavel Grudinina Irina. We have compiled ratings of the most expensive recent divorces.

Top 5 foreign divorces

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos . Their divorce turned out to be too peaceful by the standards of the rich. “We parted friends and will raise children together,” the ex-couple said. They got married 25 years ago before Jeff made a fortune.

Jeff Bezos

The spouses did not have a marriage contract, therefore, according to American laws, Mackenzie could count on $ 70 billion, half of her husband’s fortune. However, she behaved “modestly”: the ex-spouses agreed that she gets a quarter of their total share in Amazon, or about $ 35 billion in money. This is the largest compensation ever paid for a divorce.

Alec and Joslin Wildenstein . In 1999, the extravagant Joslin Wildenstein, known as the “lion woman”, sued her husband, an art dealer, $ 2.5 billion. In addition, the court ordered him to pay his ex-wife $ 100 million annually for 13 years.

Alec and Joslin Wildenstein

Alec was unable to fulfill the prescription: in 2008 he died of cancer.

Rupert and Anna Murdoch . A year before the onset of the third millennium, there was a divorce of Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch with his wife Anna, whom he met during an interview in 1962. The marriage ruined Murdoch’s novel with another journalist, Wendi Deng, who was 38 years younger than him.

Rupert and Anna Murdoch

According to media reports, the former wife received compensation of $ 1.7 billion, and Rupert almost immediately married the new passion. However, in 2013, this marriage broke up, but Wendy received much less during a divorce: she only got a three-story apartment in Manhattan worth $ 44 million.

Bill and Sue Gross . In 2016, the spouse of the founder of the asset management company Pimco after 31 years of marriage, filed for divorce and sued him $ 1.3 billion. For some time, Grossy shared assets in a very original way. For example, in order to decide the fate of Pablo Picasso’s The Rest, which had been hanging in their bedroom for a long time, the King of Bonds, Bill Gross, suggested throwing a coin: by chance, Sue had to pick up the canvas.

Bill and Sue Gross

Although there was no need. The woman was taken aback by the ex-spouse, saying that a copy was hanging in their house, moreover of her own production, and she had taken the original and hid it long ago. Perhaps, from the treacherous ladies should learn the art of humiliation of former husbands.

Bernie and Slavic Ecclestone . In 2008, after 24 years of marriage with a Formula 1 owner, his wife, a famous Croatian model, decided to divorce. She announced that Bernie’s “reckless” behavior caused her “stress and excitement.”

Bernie and Slavic Ecclestone

Moreover, the reckless behavior of a beauty, who towered over her low husband, considered not a betrayal or a spree, but his maniacal attitude to work. They say that the meeting of the London court lasted no more than one minute, the judges found the future life together of the spouses not possible. As a result, the woman received $ 1.2 billion.

Top 5 divorces of Russians

Roman Abramovich and his wife . In 2007, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich divorced his second wife, former flight attendant Irina, after 16 years of marriage. The mother of his five children received, according to various sources, from $ 3 to $ 6 billion, plus property abroad.

Roman Abramovich and his wife

Abramovich’s third marriage with socialite Dasha Zhukova (she managed to give birth to the oligarch of two more children) also ended not with a happy ending, but with fabulous payouts. The couple divorced in 2017 and, according to some, Zhukova received more than $ 1 billion. However, by that time she herself was the owner of her own successful business (one of the assets is the Garage art gallery). Her fortune is estimated at more than $ 10 billion.

Dmitry and Elena Rybolovlev . At $ 4.5 billion, the wife of businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev was counting on a divorce that happened in the 22nd year of marriage. Elena filed for divorce in 2008, calling her husband’s betrayal the reason, but the oligarch was in no hurry to part with his assets so easily. The parties reached a peace agreement only in 2012: it was a question of compensation in a billion dollars, but the signing of the deal failed.

Dmitry and Elena Rybolovlev

In 2014, a court in Geneva ordered Rybolovlev to pay his ex-wife 4.5 times more, and also to give her real estate, jewelry and art objects worth another $ 500 million. But the owner of the football club “Monaco has achieved the same cancellation of this“ enslaving ”decision. After six years of proceedings, Elena received about $ 600 million and real estate in Switzerland.

Oleg Deripaska and Polina Yumasheva

Rumors about the divorce of the couple went for several years, and in 2019 they were confirmed. As Polina Yumasheva told, the spouses did not enter into a marriage contract.

Oleg Deripaska and Polina Yumasheva

In 2017, Polina became the owner of a 6.9% stake in En + Deripaska’s company.

Vladimir and Natalia Potanin . To the last, the president of Interros, Vladimir Potanin, fought for his fortune with the division of the acquired with his wife. Natalya told reporters in an interview that after 30 years of marriage, her husband suggested she leave as if “by the way,” for an evening tea party.

Vladimir and Natalia Potanin

And recommended to give up all property. Natalya did not agree and began a long and scandalous struggle for her share of “acquired by overwork.” The divorce was announced in 2014, but only three years later, starting the search for offshore assets of her ex-husband around the world, Natalia received compensation and securities for $ 140 million, although she was counting on billions.

Alexey and Elena Mordashovy . This divorce went down in history as the most unfavorable for his wife. After parting with the owner of Severstal, Elena got an apartment in Cherepovets, a VAZ car and alimony to her son in the amount of $ 1 thousand per month.

Alexey and Elena Mordashovy

In 2001, the former wife of the billionaire sued demanding to recover 25% of his real income (about $ 20 million) from her ex-husband, but the attempt failed. True, Mordashov then took pity and increased the amount of payments to his son 100 times.

Expert comment

What the history of high-profile divorces of rich people, who even “sometimes do business” from family destruction, demonstrates, and what is the difference between the legal side of such divisive processes in different countries, we asked Natalia Matveeva, associate professor of the Legal Regulation Department of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation .

“The reason for the high-profile and expensive divorces of oligarchs that become public knowledge may be, firstly, the desire to remind themselves, advertise themselves and their business if necessary, and secondly, one of the parties’s disagreement with the division of property, inability to negotiate or attempt settle scores

In the US, there are frequent examples of divorce striking a husband’s reputation. For example, in 1992, the current US President Donald Trump, then a successful businessman and at the same time, as it turned out, an unfaithful spouse, dissolved his first marriage with Ivan Zelnichkova, to whom he transferred half of the property acquired in a marriage, since at that time he had not entered into a marriage contract. For some time, Trump restored the reputation earned over the years, since business partners, following his former wife, began to treat him with disbelief.

In addition, each state in the United States has its own family law, including divorce law. A common point is that for divorce, you must have good reasons for divorce. This may be adultery or inappropriate behavior of one spouse in relation to another, in an exceptional case, the spouse or one of them declares under oath that the marriage was “irrevocably destroyed.” A property issue, for example, in the state of Idaho, is resolved as follows: the court has the right to oblige one spouse to provide for the maintenance of another, if he concludes that the other spouse does not have sufficient property to meet his reasonable needs.

In the Czech Republic, spouses must reach an agreement on their financial, housing issues and maintenance obligations in relation to each other in the form of agreements, the form of which is imperatively established as written with the certification of signatures of the parties. In China, when a marriage is dissolved and the property is divided, the spouses must behave in good faith: not to cover or seize the property in whole or in large part, not to sell it. Otherwise, it is allowed to re-divide the jointly acquired property by applying to the people’s court.

In Russia, it is recommended to recommend a marriage contract to persons with a substantial income, and this can be done at any time during the marriage. The document should be “dynamic”, tracking the growth of property through changes and additions, which will relieve the load from the courts and remind counterparties that they made it in their right mind and bright memory. Marriage is a concern, including financial, for one’s “half” and children born to spouses. ”

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