Stories peering through the windows: an industrial climber told about naked people

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These people most often scare us when we live or work in modern high-rise buildings. Pull off the curtain (or lift your eyes from the table) – and a man in a harness with a hose hangs outside the window.

Stories peering through the windows: an industrial climber told about naked peopleWe talked about his exotic work with Yevgeny Dvintsev, working as an industrial climber at a number of metropolitan business centers and residential high-rises.

– What is the main word in the profession – “mountaineering” or “industrial”? Conquest or monotonous work?

– I myself came to the profession from sports mountaineering. Mountaineering, climbing, mountaineering – related, but slightly different things. Climbing in general is about conquering peaks, the road to the goal is just a road, and most importantly the result. So, the promalp is more like climbing: when you have a wall (live or artificial), ropes, various natural surprises, and you have to perform a set of exercises on them.

Here, take the Pillars in Krasnoyarsk: a well-known place far and wide, right? All interested Krasnoyarsk citizens and a lot of people from all over the world were there. But all the same, every time something new. Sometimes unpleasant. In this sense, the work of industrial work is the same. The wall is artificial, but all the time, some shoals come out, you have to improvise …

– Which for example?

– Fasteners, as an option. Ropes, all this gear. Check how the parachutes. We have a company with at least four eyes to check: the shift supervisor and myself. We have never had accidents, but rarely in Moscow, but they do happen. But in general, the design itself is quite reliable and well fixed.

Do you know what we love most about modern buildings? That the windows do not open. Hose, work, whatever you like – and there is no danger that any moron pulls the string or, God forbid, cut it. About 20 years ago there were several such cases – I, of course, was not working then. The people “Well, wait a minute!” Seen enough, apparently … And people died.

– How old are you in the profession?

– Soon there will be “a dozen” – he began to work as a student (he studied in Baumanka). Why not, when it is the same climbing wall, only you do not pay, but you? Over time, became involved. The main advantage is a good schedule. We have this eight-hour shift – one day off, then again. Day after day, but not for 12 hours, but sparing. At the same time they pay – well, let’s say, so that an engineer gets so much, he needs to be a manager. Do friends IT specialists about the same.

– Heights from the very beginning were not afraid, or eventually learned?

– Oh, learn, it seems to me impossible. If you are afraid of heights, everything, pipe – you will never climb quietly. My wife is like this: how many times I tried to drag her into the mountains, not in any. From a distance, looking from the ground or from the elevator is good, but to stand on the curb yourself — well, in FIG. Even on the observation deck of any cathedrals on vacation never goes. Saving!

– Speaking of ladies: when you work in residential buildings, do you see naked women? Yes, we will also ask such a plumber …

– You know, suddenly there is not. I saw a couple of times in underwear. Women love to close curtains, according to my feelings. Who changes clothes – curtains or blinds tightly. But the men – those yes, those I see regularly. Standing in front of the mirror in all its glory, naked and tie a tie. I do not know why – well, maybe a session of self-hypnosis? Well, or just not shy. By the way, we have the same company and the girls work. They have the same feeling, as far as I know.

– A tall girl – a poet’s dream … Do not stick?

– Who knows. But never heard. I say the same – there are no windows in most buildings now. Such to open. Here, for example, in the European shopping center is rare, but there are windows. But he was built about 15 years ago. In the current general excluded. Especially at high altitude. According to the regulations, it is not necessary: ​​the glass will blow apart, such a wind.

– At what maximum height did you have to be?

“The Federation Tower is up to over 300 meters, but I wasn’t at the top. It was not pleasant: the big area of ​​a glazing, though the new design, but is dreary. And breathing is hard: although the height, but the Third Ring is near, it’s dirty.

– Have you been to the old high-rises?

– On some Stalin was. On what – I can not say: there the company signs a special confidentiality agreement. Very sensitive places sometimes. Residential is still nothing, and hotels – will be checked thirty times before going out, then after. We have refused these objects, as a result. And do not really grieve: a lot of work.

– Concerning safety: you are hanging on high with equipment, and a motorcart is passing by, say, …

– It is unrealistic: in these moments we are not let out on the wall, are you. That’s it, so that nothing comes to mind.

– Would your son wish to go into this profession?

– I have a daughter. A couple of times I asked for an object. Not allowed, of course, it is very strict. We went to the climbing wall – I did not like it especially. Here’s her horseback riding, yes. And he likes to go to the mountains too – with me on a snowboard.

– Did you have to work abroad?

– Oh yeah. One time, but what! I went to my friends in one, say, Eurasian capital. Friends then worked in the embassy – one and now there, so I don’t call. Suddenly an urgent order: put the antenna on the roof of the building. Secret, of course. And remove the old grinder.

I had to do this, it is not difficult. But there is a caveat: we need admission to the roof of the embassy, ​​and this should be requested by Moscow, and they already missed all the deadlines and screwed up.

Okay. I go to the bazaar – what would we all do there without him! I am looking, firstly, for a grinder – and it simply does not exist, all local craftsmen work as hand tools, wai, as my grandfather did, so will I! With a sin in half I found and rented (in my opinion, at the price of a new one in Moscow).

Now – who will go up? Found a guy from the embassy, ​​who has access to the roof. I lead the process with a walkie-talkie: tie a rope like this, fasten it there. I’ve done everything? All right? Now take it to the camera, bring it to me (there weren’t really smartphones yet). Brought Everything is tied up like normal. Well, having crossed, I get out. I mount. On the radio I command, by the way, the counterintelligence major — come on, grind, cut this garbage! They put where we are.

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