Stars of show business rushed to fashion shows abroad

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Many Russian stars of show business took advantage of the long May holidays and went to warm countries. Of course, they could not please the public with stories about their journey.

Stars of show business rushed to fashion shows abroadSo, singer Svetlana Loboda has already posted on her official Instagram page a couple of photos against the sea and with a cute turtle in her hand with the signature “sea, children, zoo, everything is according to plan”. True, where exactly Svetlana is resting with her family, she did not indicate.

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya flew with her friends to Morocco, and more specifically to the city of Marrakesh for a fashion show. And for several days he has been posting his photos in expensive outfits in social networks. The former presenter of the “Revizorro” program, Elena Voluchaya, also seized the moment and flew to New York to participate in another show of the equally fashionable Fashion House.

Musician Dima Bilan visited Riga before the May holidays. Judging by the caption to one of the photos in the account, I met there with my girlfriend Rita, and together they had a good time walking around the city.

The former host of the TV show “Eagle and Tashka” Regina Todorenko and her family went to Turkey, the city of Belek, in late April.

But on July 1, Julia Baranovskaya decided not to leave anywhere, but simply walked with children around Moscow – went to the Zaryadye Park and to Revolution Square.

The Alsou family broke the silence after the scandal on the show “Voice of the Child”

AlsouOpinion about the victory of Mikella Abramova expressed Zalina Safina

Alsou’s family decided to break the silence after the scandal in the show “Voice. Children”. For a long time the artist and her relatives did not comment on anything. However, the sister-in-law of the singer Zalina Safina could not keep silent about the persecution of Mikella Abramova.

A relative Alsou commented on the persecution of Mikella Abramova after winning the program “Voice of Children”. A comment on  Instagram was  published by the wife of singer Zalina Safina’s brother.

According to her, Mikella is a bright, hardworking, cheerful, creative and charismatic girl. “This child has music in the blood, she always and everywhere sings,” wrote Zalina.

She noted that the girl is inhumanly condemned and poisoned only because of the popularity of her mother. “Calm down, because each of us is a parent or future parent,” Zalina called.

The girl believes that adults should show a decent example to children. Mikella congratulated on her birthday and wished more victories

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