“I Park like a freak”: the Avengers koreabut cars

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We begin with another example of revenge for wrong Parking. This Renault side nakoryabal the inscription in the dirt may have scratched the paint. “Retsedivist Valet on “Renault Logan” is intentionally destroying the lawn in the grounds of the house at Dawn, 1/1. Residents recorded 2 cases,” writes the reader Sergey. “Every morning, observed this Read More

Father’s son: father of injured baby can go to jail for 8 years

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May 9, at about 22:30 family Neustroeva together with a baby and a family friend were walking down the street Poplar. Passing by the house number 14, the company heard the screams. “At first I did not understand why cry, — says Dmitry Neustroev. — Raised his head, see standing on the roof of the Read More

“Where is the road?”: crazy stick

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Start producing the latest technology in Novosibirsk repair of cracks and joints. “This is how repairing the railway platform! Seal gaps with birch branches”, — surprised the witnesses. “Photo stupid repair sidewalk ill-fated road of 25 years of October, on which NHS wrote this year several times. Finally “repaired”!”, — according to our reader Oksana. Read More

IKEA brought visitors due to the burning wardrobe

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the Evacuation began after 9 PM On the evening of may 10 from Novosibirsk IKEA store evacuated posetiley — the fire trucks arrived. “I came out of “MEGA”, nothing happened. Now who’s out, they say there’s a “MEGA” shouting, saying, “Come””, — told the correspondent of NGS witness Roman Yatsenko. He noted that the firemen Read More

Marx stood trams: the place of there arrived the crane

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Tram derailed about half-past five The evening of may 10 in the square of Marx in Novosibirsk went off the rails, tram, other trams had to shorten my route. The incident occurred at a stop “the Crystal Shop” after 17:30. “They are in the ring unfold in the square of Marx and then not going. Read More

In different districts of Novosibirsk broke

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grass Fire caused the Printers around 12:00 The day may 10, Novosibirsk firemen have received many calls due to the burning of grass in different parts of the city. One of the cases occurred in the Obges — firefighters were called to the yard for Printers, 7. “The grass burned, the firemen came, trodden by Read More