House of a thousand doors

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The hotel has 93 rooms and, according to 2GIS, was 61 organization. There are companies, which logically combine well with the hotel — for example, a travel company; and there are those who are not — for example, beauty salons, hair removal. According to the Deputy Director of the hotel “Central” Tatiana Rakoed’, tenants are Read More

Grown “Beans”

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Stores “Beans” look like part of a single network, but belong to different owners, each of whom decides what to trade “Beans” is a franchising project with German chain METRO Cash&Carry. This network was initially created as a system of cash-and-carry warehouses for small businesses. In Russia, however, this principle is respected, though (it can Read More

“We love, because we are hardworking”

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Oksana Tikhonova, General Director of “El Tour”: “El Tour” makes customers exclusive offers — wintering in Asia, shopping bachelorette party in Milan, a yoga tour in India “We love, because we are hardworking. Managers are deeply versed in the business. We are constantly magneisium people interesting ideas for leisure. Now, for example, we have such Read More

Tax freedom

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The Finance Ministry plans to start this tax in some regions as a pilot project to develop an application in which each month would be reflected income and could pay the tax, but more information on how this will work actually, at the moment. Assistant Professor of public Finance NSUEM Roman life believes that such Read More

“We don’t walk clients, we are engaged friends”

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Andrew Matrizayev, Director of the extreme centre Coober: Director of Coober sure that their center of love for child’s delight that you experience on a trampoline “Kuber is primarily a sports atmosphere and community. People come into the room, no matter what direction the trampoline, crossfit, gym, they train and communicate, support each other and Read More

“There are fears that the wife kicked me out of the house”

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Yuri and Anastasia Demidov together for eight years: he met in his student years and together growing up. Nastya graduated from the Institute in the field of international relations, but did not work in the profession, charities, and always was related to organizational activities. “Yuri was engaged in teaching — he worked in the camps Read More

“We feed of emotions and create memories”

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Natalia Ilyin, founder of the restaurant “the Library”: “We love the atmosphere, delicious food, service, comfort and for the fact that we don’t just feed our guests, and try to give them emotion. A guest had left a little happier than you came. Love for our plates reserve — we draw beautifully and personally for Read More

Ivan, Dima and wall

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Dmitry Fedorov and Ivan Krivoshapkin friends since the first grade and in the school came up with business ideas. “Of course, more self-indulgence, but nevertheless it was news for the school newspaper, “Yar” (school № 42, now gymnasium № 1. — M. T.). Did the Fund MMM — collected the money from students, but then, Read More

A mini-city under a roof

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Kirill Leonov, head of public relations of JSC “TPS Property” owning “Gallery Novosibirsk”: The love of the visitors of the shopping centers can be measured by attendance, assured of the “Gallery of Novosibirsk” “What love? For a Central place in the city, a selection of shops, the beauty of the facade and interiors — Yes, Read More