Baltic Finance Ministries Decide to Support Blockchain Technology Development

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The finance ministries of the Baltic states have expressed their support to the development of Blockchain or distributed ledger technologies (DLT). The aim is to help in the advancement of capital market innovations. In their recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the ministries for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have announced their cooperation on several actions aimed Read More

UN Partners WIN to Fight Child Trafficking With Blockchain

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The United Nations (UN) has partnered with the World Identity Network (WIN) to create a Blockchain-based digital identity system to help fight child trafficking around the world. The partners have already launched a pilot test of the system as of mid-November 2017. The partners announced the launching of the pilot program at the Humanitarian Blockchain Read More

Difference Between Price, Value: How to Assess an ICO

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These are indeed heady days for investors in cryptocurrency, and with fortunes being made (and lost) rapidly, it’s easy to forget the difference between “price” and “value.” Many investors are focusing on the quick flip–they buy the “hottest” ICO and hope to immediately sell for huge profits once the crowdsale is over. There’s nothing wrong Read More