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How Anonymous Is Your Crypto Purchase?

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Like it or not we live in a world where our online privacy is a target, a fact which even cryptocurrencies are not fully exempt. Due to the less significant amount of users and transactions during its inception, crypto developers didn’t deploy a plan for identification and, as a result, under the current volumes criticisms Read More

ICOs This Week : Eligma, Safecrypt, XYO ICO Review

1 month ago kakp2 Comments Off on ICOs This Week : Eligma, Safecrypt, XYO ICO Review
On today’s edition of ICO’s This Week, we review Eligma and Safecrypt, two exciting projects for the blockchain industry. Additionally, we bring you an ICO Review of XYO. This Week’s Show Is Sponsored by Robotina Robotina is developing a platform that will reduce energy consumption, lower electricity costs and optimize the entire electricity grid by Read More