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Edward Snowden On Bitcoin: World Needs Better Option To Avoid Gov’t Coercion

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US whistleblower Edward Snowden voiced concerns over Bitcoin’s long-term prospects in an interview on March 22, saying the cryptocurrency’s public Blockchain made it susceptible to abuse. Speaking via webcam in an interview with Coin Center director of research Peter Van Valkenburgh at the Blockstack Berlin 2018 conference, Snowden agreed Bitcoin’s ledger was “devastatingly public.” “The Read More

The Cryptocurrency Vs Blockchain Idea Is Not What Bitcoin Stands For!

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I was in a LinkedIn discussion the other day, where someone proposed: it’s possible to implement a non-monetary system of solving the complex problems that guarantee the integrity of information stored on the blockchain. He was suggesting that chip-makers could integrate “mining” into every mainstream product as a kind of negligible tax on performance. This, Read More

Child Abuse Content on Bitcoin Blockchain: Can Node Operators Be Prosecuted?

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The Bitcoin Blockchain allows users to store and transmit files and information through transactions. It turns out somebody makes use of this non-primary option: a university study has made some startling discoveries on over 1600 files stored in the Bitcoin Blockchain. A collaborative study from Germany’s Goethe and Aachen Universities revealed eight files containing sexual Read More

Bitcoin Drops Amid Rumors of Binance Trouble in Japan

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Bitcoin Drops Amid Rumors of Binance Trouble in Japan Bitcoin took a major hit this afternoon, dropping hundreds of dollars as rumors stated that Binance would face criminal charges for operating without registration in Japan. According to Asian news outlet Nikkei, Japan’s Financial Services Authority (FSA) was in the process of investigating Binance’s activity in Read More

Crypto Miners Present EU Regulators With A Problem

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Regulators in the EU cannot ban crypto mining, because nothing about it is really illegal, even though there are growing concerns over the high power consumption. Officials fear that power consumption at such high levels will increase costs across the board and affect the environment. EU Commission expresses concerns about mining-related power consumption Last week, Read More

Google to Ban Cryptocurrency Adverts Starting in June

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The giant search engine recently decided to crack down all the sites dedicated to promote or advertise cryptocurrency products and services. The initiative is encouraged by a similar action taken by Facebook against cryptocurrencies. The banning applies not only to digital currencies advertisement but also to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), wallets and any crypto trading Read More

📈 Bitcoin Price Rises above $8,500 after Positive News from G-20 Regulators

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Just when the entire crypto markets were seen correcting heavily last week, the G20 regulators instilled positivity back within the crypto community with some positive statements on digital currency regulations. On March 18, just a day before the G20 Buenos Aires summit meetings were to begin, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) wrote a letter where Chairman Read More