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Blockchain Jobs Steadily Rising Even During The Market Slump

20 hours ago kakp2 0
There has never been a better time to be a blockchain developer or cryptographer than right now. With the great rise in both value and prominence of cryptocurrencies in 2017, we’ve seen an unprecedented rise in the demand for blockchain developers. Global giants like IBM, Oracle and SAP are betting big on blockchain technology and Read More

Chinese Company Insures Chicken Meat with Blockchain

4 days ago kakp2 0
ZhongAn Technology is the tech innovator / developer of Chinese insurance technology.� ZhongAn Online, the only online insurance company in China, is set to revolutionize the chicken supply and quality control industry of about five billion chickens consumed every year, by implementing a blockchain system to streamline quality control. ZhongAn Tech started developing a blockchain-based Read More

Will Switzerland Become the Crypto-Nation by 2020?

1 week ago kakp2 0
Switzerland has always been seen as the center of the world’s wealth management industry with a secure and reliable bank system and practices. It is not surprising that it is also one of the first economically developed countries to take a pragmatic approach to digital currencies and its development by straightforwardly acknowledging its potential to Read More

ICO Review: FlipNpik – Blockchained Social Media For Local Businesses

2 weeks ago kakp2 0
FlipNpik logo, source: Globalization and centralization of industries and wealth have led to a disloyal competition where the big players increasingly take more market share from small businesses that offer good products or services but do not have the capabilities to reach their potential customers. Social networks have designed their services mainly to suit Read More

Is Blockchain Enabled Voting Just Another Pipe Dream?

2 weeks ago kakp2 0
West Virginia made history when it announced that it would pilot the use of a blockchain in a federal election, becoming the first state in the US to do so. The pilot will be limited to the two counties, Harrison and Monongalia, and will only be availed to servicemen that are deployed as well as Read More

Lympo – Monetizing sports and health data via blockchain technology

3 weeks ago kakp2 Comments Off on Lympo – Monetizing sports and health data via blockchain technology
Every day we are experiencing a lot of different ideas popping up in cryptocurrency and blockchain, but rarely do we see a product/service that has something to do with health. Today is going to be different because you will discover a completely new and revolutionary vision that will improve the lives of many. Imagine a Read More

The NSA has been monitoring Bitcoin Users

4 weeks ago kakp2 Comments Off on The NSA has been monitoring Bitcoin Users
The U.S National Security Agency has been secretly spying on the Bitcoin blockchain for over five years now. This is according to classified documents that were released by the infamous U.S whistleblower, Edward Snowden. While at first, the surveillance involved monitoring the decentralized ledger for any criminal elements, the NSA later started gathering information about Read More

Huawei to Develop a Blockchain-Integrated Smartphone

1 month ago kakp2 Comments Off on Huawei to Develop a Blockchain-Integrated Smartphone
Huawei Technologies Ltd, the Chinese phone maker plans to develop a blockchain-ready smartphone. In a move that could propel the blockchain technology to mainstream adoption, the company is working with Sirin Labs to license the SIRIN OS which will support decentralized applications. The SIRIN Operating System The SIRIN OS is an operating system developed by Read More

NEO: The Future of Smart-Contracts?

1 month ago kakp2 Comments Off on NEO: The Future of Smart-Contracts?
As one of the frequently discussed features of cryptocurrencies, smart-contracts are perhaps the most disruptive component of blockchain technology. First proposed in 1994 by the cryptographer Nick Szabo, smart-contracts were initially described to be functional upgrades of their paper-based predecessors and containing the protocols and terms necessary for one or more parties to execute a Read More