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Satoshi Nakamoto Prize Awarded To Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency – Petro

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The RACIB has awarded Venezuela’s Petro with the Satoshi Nakamoto prize, due to its large contribution in developing the blockchain industry. Back in February, Venezuela launched its own cryptocurrency called Petro. In Petro’s whitepaper, they stated that each Petro coin represents one barrel of oil belonging to this country, clinching them the nomination from the Read More

Belarus-style Silicon Valley: Why Nobody Rushes Up Into Tax-Free ICOs?

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The “unprecedented” Decree on the Development of Digital Economy, signed by President Alexander Lukashenko in December, officially came into force on March 28 in the Republic of Belarus. The document signals a new dawn for the country, facilitating any form of cryptocurrency-related activity, and according to the leader should make Belarus “a tech country”. The Read More

Blockchain Start-Up To Help Public Own And Monetize Their Data

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A Blockchain-driven data exchange is warning that internet users are being “economically disenfranchised” by data brokers to the tune of thousands of dollars a year, and plans to create a self-sovereign wallet that puts the public back in control of their personal information. Datawallet plans to help the public own and monetize their data, allowing Read More

The Evolution Of Revolution

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by Barry McCarthy  It was the dawn of the millennium. The first adopters were commonly known to be drug dealers. Mobile phone and SMS took over the minds of the public, communication was revolutionized and you could now communicate with people in different counties, countries and even different rooms in your house instantaneously. SMS also Read More

Amazon Web Services Releases Blockchain Frameworks For Ethereum And Hyperledger Fabric

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform has recently introduced its Blockchain framework for Ethereum (ETH) and Hyperledger Fabric allowing users to build and manage their own Blockchain-powered decentralized applications (DApps), AWS announced in a blog post Thursday, April 19. According to the statement, users will be able to create their own Blockchain applications via the Read More

The Blockchain People To Watch In Ireland For 2018

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Ireland has always punched above its weight. It has given the world Oscar Wilde and Conor McGregor, and everything in between and no longer feels the need to apologize for Bono. A forward-thinking, liberal society has replaced the dogmatic, nun-fearing Ireland of old, and with these great social changes has come wealth and innovation. A Read More

Chinese Search Giant Baidu Unveils Blockchain Photo Platform

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Last week, Chinese search behemoth, Baidu, launched a stock image service platform based on blockchain to protect ownership rights for images online. The platform called Totem works in a manner that on every submission of an original photograph, it will timestamp it using a real-time identity with other user data, and then stores it on Read More

Could Blockchain Overcome Data Privacy Issues in Light of the Facebook Scandal?

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Facebook has dominated news headlines since mid-March. For the benefit of anyone who may have somehow missed it, the web giant was subject to an investigation and subsequent exposé undertaken by The New York Times and British news outlet The Guardian. Reports from both publications detailed how a third-party organization called Cambridge Analytica was harvesting Read More