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Blockchain | WORLD NEWS - Part 2


Company Aims To Become ‘Amazon Of Sharing Economy’ With Blockchain App

6 days ago kakp2 0
A company is building a Blockchain-based system to eliminate fragmentation in the sharing economy – and creating a single app that gives users access to “any available asset they wish to rent, borrow or share.” ShareRing claims the current market is extremely inconvenient for consumers. Although thousands of companies exist, many of them are specialized Read More

The Rapid Growth Of Japan’s Crypto Market

7 days ago kakp2 0
Japan has been known for a while now as the country where cryptocurrencies are thriving. Back in 2014, when the first crypto exchange officially opened, this country’s cryptocurrency market was valued at about $23.35 million. Since then, the country has taken an extremely large interest in digital currencies, and many new exchanges were opened. Last year, Read More

Evareium Transforms The Traditional Way Of Investing In Real Estate

1 week ago kakp2 0
Dubai, April 6, 2018: Every day, the real estate ecosystem attracts a massive influx of investments globally. Owning a commercial property is often challenging as it is a physical asset. Even if anyone buys a property, they will have to look for a tenant, collect rent, manage the estate, and sell it at one point. Read More

Alpha Release Of A Blockchain Startup To Test New Trading Strategies

1 week ago kakp2 0
A Blockchain based startup released the first version of its automated trading platform. According to the founders, almost 100 new members join the project’s Telegram channel every day. Kryll’s demo was launched at the beginning of March 2018. Although the company had been planning to release much later, the founders wanted to give users Read More

Making Friends With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies At Specialized Event In Kyiv

1 week ago kakp2 0
Tough control over ICO would herald 2018. So, no more talks about the absence of a legal framework for cryptocurrencies. That is a conclusion of the speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. On March 29th, for the fifth time, Kyiv gathered officials, entrepreneurs, traders, lawyers, startup founders in order to discuss the introduction of Read More

European Startup To Enable Access To Commercial Real Estate For Small Investors

1 week ago kakp2 0
A European company is developing a Blockchain-based plug and play system to enable commercial real estate tokenization that will allow anybody with an internet connection to buy fractional ownership of assets worldwide. Diverse investing platforms can integrate with Blocksquare’s system and offer tokenized assets for commercial real estate ventures. Tech startups making impact on Read More

Nasdaq Will Delist Former Beverage Company Long Blockchain Corp.

1 week ago kakp2 0
Former soft drinks manufacturer-turned-Blockchain development company, Long Blockchain Corp., will be delisted from the Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq), according to an announcement April 10. Long Blockchain Corp. (LBCC) first received a delist notice from Nasdaq on Feb. 15 for low market capitalization, after which the company appealed the determination and a hearing took place on Read More

Is Blockchain Incompatible With GDPR?

1 week ago kakp2 0
Within the framework of the new data privacy rule in Europe, blockchain might be at risk since the technology allows its users to store personal information, a concept that is essentially opposite of what the upcoming European law will be seeking. A think tank in Washington DC, Coin Center, stated on Friday April 6th that Read More

ICO And Crypto Social Media Ban: Should We Be Worried?

1 week ago kakp2 0
Some may find it ironic, if Silicon Valley is to be viewed as an ally to cryptocurrency, that every major social media network is taking steps to ban ICO and crypto-related advertisements. How much will this affect the market? There is an argument that these advertisements might cause people who cannot afford to invest in Read More