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Blockchain | WORLD NEWS - Part 3


The Current State Of The ICO & Token Sale Market

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by Igor Karavaev Pessimistic forecasts prove wrong as the hype keeps growing In 2016, investments in ICOs started out at $95 million spread across 43 projects. Last year saw 210 ICO projects raise $3.88 billion (all data provided by, leading to a huge upsurge in interest for this new instrument for financing high-tech startups. Read More

Is The UK Positioning Itself For Global Fintech Leadership?

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by David Drake The UK has recently been making strides in the cryptocurrency market. Earlier in the year, the UK treasury committee launched an inquiry into cryptocurrencies to determine how they would impact businesses and investors. In another significant move, the UK government developed its Fintech Sector Strategy (FSS) that factors crypto-assets and launched it Read More

Canadian Barter Platform Introduces Its Own Cryptocurrency

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Canadian online trading and barter platform Bunz Trading Zone is launching its own cryptocurrency, BTZ, local paper The Globe and Mail reports April 9. BTZ  (pronounced “bitz”) is reported to be “the first Canadian cryptocurrency to launch to an already-established community – its own members.” Bunz was launched in 2013 as a private Facebook group Read More

Five Ways To Earn Money In Blockchain Projects Without Mining

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The principal feature of blockchain projects is their decentralized character. The key condition of decentralization is the number of active members of the blockchain system. To attract and keep new community members, the projects propose economic patterns allowing to earn money not only on customary mining and trading. Bounty campaigns Bounty is a programme of Read More

Group Project ICO Review: Crypto-Tagging To Fight Counterfeit Products

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Counterfeiting is big business, worth an estimated $461bn. That is a lot of cheddar, and many gangs want in. Fake goods have been around as long as there have been goods to speak of; it’s a centuries-old scourge. The advent of the internet heralded a meteoric rise in the counterfeiting business with the online world Read More

Airdrops Emerging As Top Marketing Tool For New Platforms

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One undeniable fact of the crypto revolution is that the vast growth in platforms is certain to continue unabated. There are currently more than fifteen hundred cryptos, with many more under development. When the ICO boom began last year, new coins easily drew attention and investment. Such is no longer the case, as the market Read More

Ninth Largest Stock Exchange In The World Plans Crypto Brokerage

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A new decision by TMX Group, the Ninth largest stock exchange company in the world, heralds the start of their own crypto brokerage service with a focus on Ethereum and Bitcoin. The TMX Group’s previous successes include many great projects, including the Boston Options Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, as well as Montreal Exchange. When all Read More

Overstock CFO To Leave For Same Job At Firm’s Blockchain Subsidiary DeSoto

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Robert Hughes, Senior Vice President of Finance and Risk Management at Overstock is resigning from his position to join a Blockchain venture that also involves Overstock’s CEO and founder Patrick Byrne, The Wall Street Journal reported April 6. According to a press release published on Market Exclusive, Hughes notified Overstock that he is leaving the Read More