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Bermuda’s Crypto Ecosystem Grows, Regulation To Follow

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Many decisions have had to be made regarding cryptos in the past few months as governments meet to discuss policy on whether they will accept or ban cryptos. Some bigger nations decided to stall when it comes to bringing regulation to tame the crypto market, but Bermuda is not one of them. This self-governing island Read More

Paytomat Closes Pre-Sale With 5M Tokens Sold And Reaches Its Softcap

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Dates of the public token sale will be announced later on in May April 19, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia and Kyiv, Ukraine – Paytomat, the decentralized payment solution for crypto, reports closing its pre-sale early, having reached the limit of 5,000,000 PTI tokens allocated for this phase. With this amount sold, Paytomat transcends its minimum target Read More

Satoshi Nakamoto Prize Awarded To Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency – Petro

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The RACIB has awarded Venezuela’s Petro with the Satoshi Nakamoto prize, due to its large contribution in developing the blockchain industry. Back in February, Venezuela launched its own cryptocurrency called Petro. In Petro’s whitepaper, they stated that each Petro coin represents one barrel of oil belonging to this country, clinching them the nomination from the Read More

The Evolution Of Revolution

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by Barry McCarthy  It was the dawn of the millennium. The first adopters were commonly known to be drug dealers. Mobile phone and SMS took over the minds of the public, communication was revolutionized and you could now communicate with people in different counties, countries and even different rooms in your house instantaneously. SMS also Read More

Skype Is Being Used Increasingly For Crypto Trading

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Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cryptos are exchanged on a daily basis, and doing this type of business via Skype. Around 20 traders from various trading houses have started using online messaging apps, and Skype in particular, to continue their trades without being interrupted. A report made by Reuters claims that all the Read More

How Anonymous Is Your Crypto Purchase?

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Like it or not we live in a world where our online privacy is a target, a fact which even cryptocurrencies are not fully exempt. Due to the less significant amount of users and transactions during its inception, crypto developers didn’t deploy a plan for identification and, as a result, under the current volumes criticisms Read More

Students Jamming University Networks With Crypt-Mining

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Illegal cryptocurrency mining has seen a major increase recently, especially since hackers took an interest and found sources of unsecured systems. According to the analysis made by Vectra, the higher education sector was one industry with the biggest amount of infected devices that have been used for crypto mining. Hackers target higher education sectors The Read More

The Rapid Growth Of Japan’s Crypto Market

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Japan has been known for a while now as the country where cryptocurrencies are thriving. Back in 2014, when the first crypto exchange officially opened, this country’s cryptocurrency market was valued at about $23.35 million. Since then, the country has taken an extremely large interest in digital currencies, and many new exchanges were opened. Last year, Read More