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Multiple ERC20 Smart Contracts (CVE-2018-10299) Vulnerable To New BatchOverflow

20 hours ago kakp2 0
A blockchain security company, PeckShield, has developed a system that automatically notifies suspicious transactions that take place (Ethereum-based token transfers) including transactions that involve unreasonably large tokens. On 22nd April 2018, 03:28:52 a.m. UTC, the system sent a notification of a BEC token transaction that seemed unusual. In the transaction, it is reported that an Read More

Emerging Coins This Week: Elastos (ELA)

20 hours ago kakp2 0
Today on Emerging Coins This Week we discuss Elastos (ELA), a project which aims to offer a Decentralized Blockchain With A Peer-to-peer Economic Infrastructure. Elastos project aims to create a new kind of internet, powered by blockchain where people will be able to own digital assets and generate wealth from them. The project is designed Read More

Warning: MyEtherWallet Was Hacked

2 days ago kakp2 0
It was reported by users in Reddit that MyEtherWallet has been hacked. The news is confirmed by MyEtherWallet via twitter, commenting that a couple of DNS servers were hijacked resulting in users being redirected to a phishing site. According to Reddit users, hackers placed a security SSL mismatch which was redirecting users to a Read More

Triggmine: AI-driven Blockchained Email Marketing Solution

3 days ago kakp2 0
Marketers have an arsenal of tricks and tools to get the job done. For a marketer, the job is not done until the client signs on the dotted line and engages with the campaign or product at hand. One universally trusted marketing technique is the email marketing campaign. You may not believe it, but four decades Read More

Bermuda’s Crypto Ecosystem Grows, Regulation To Follow

3 days ago kakp2 0
Many decisions have had to be made regarding cryptos in the past few months as governments meet to discuss policy on whether they will accept or ban cryptos. Some bigger nations decided to stall when it comes to bringing regulation to tame the crypto market, but Bermuda is not one of them. This self-governing island Read More

Paytomat Closes Pre-Sale With 5M Tokens Sold And Reaches Its Softcap

4 days ago kakp2 0
Dates of the public token sale will be announced later on in May April 19, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia and Kyiv, Ukraine – Paytomat, the decentralized payment solution for crypto, reports closing its pre-sale early, having reached the limit of 5,000,000 PTI tokens allocated for this phase. With this amount sold, Paytomat transcends its minimum target Read More

Satoshi Nakamoto Prize Awarded To Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency – Petro

5 days ago kakp2 0
The RACIB has awarded Venezuela’s Petro with the Satoshi Nakamoto prize, due to its large contribution in developing the blockchain industry. Back in February, Venezuela launched its own cryptocurrency called Petro. In Petro’s whitepaper, they stated that each Petro coin represents one barrel of oil belonging to this country, clinching them the nomination from the Read More

Anticipated Changes For Crypto-world In 2018

5 days ago kakp2 0
The cryptocurrency trading platform has established itself as a network capable of earning investors vast profits. Cryptocurrencies, without a doubt, are changing the financial environment and, as is expected, there will soon be significant innovations on encrypted coins and trading platforms that will help the sector improve performance. The future of virtual money What innovations can Read More