Abu Dhabi Leads From The Front With Crypto Regulation Framework

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By David Drake As the cryptocurrency industry grows, it’s becoming increasingly evident that regulation is necessary. Abu Dhabi has joined the growing number of countries across the globe that are focusing on creating frameworks for regulating cryptocurrency exchange. Just last month, South Korea introduced regulations banning anonymous trading while the US, France, and Germany are Read More

Venezuelan ‘Petro’ Launches Today: First National Crypto Backed By Oil

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Earlier this year, Kodak announced it was launching its own cryptocurrency and suddenly the dying company’s stock price shot up by 60 percent. Since last year, Venezuela has been in the news as its president made public the nation’s intention to revive its economy by launching a cryptocurrency backed by Venezuela crude oil. Venezuela is Read More

Celebrities and ICOs: Why the two don’t go well together

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Steven Seagal, the beloved action films hero, is on the news and this time it’s not because he has a new movie. He is the latest celebrity to endorse an ICO, joining a list that’s growing longer every day of celebrities who have endorsed cryptocurrencies, either during ICOs or even after. This list contains some Read More

50 Most Influential Women In Blockchain

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Written by: Alexandra Torres Franceskin After extensive research, I’ve found some amazing women that are leaving their mark on the cryptocurrency industry. All these women are contributing in one field or another, from developers, to lawyers, engineers and economists: every one has become an influencer, with a great knowledge in the industry. These women are Read More

Decentralized Platforms Sit At The Heart of The Blockchain Revolution: Part 2

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In part one of our examination of Decentralized Application Platforms (dApps), we examined Ethereum, NEO, and NEM, which are the three dominant players in this space. DApp systems are excellent examples of the potential of blockchain technology, and hundreds of institutions across the globe are adopting them. In this second part we will examine other Read More

John McAfee Remains Bullish About Crypto Prospects For 2018 And Beyond. Texas Bitcoin Ethereum Super Conference

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Speaking in Texas yesterday to an enthusiastic and animated audience, John McAfee enlightened and entertained with on-the-money insights into the potential future for Bitcoin, Ethereum and the whole crypto world. John McAfee was the highlight of the second day of the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference, currently taking place here in Irving, Texas. Such was the Read More

Blockchain & Bitcoin Switzerland Agenda: Token Investments, Global Value & Legal Status Of Blockchain

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The key speakers of the international conference to be held in Geneva on February 21st will be experts from Switzerland. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland is dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and investments in digital assets, and will be attended by more than 300 participants from different countries. Legislative regulation remains a critical question for digital Read More

Decentralized Application Platforms Sit At The Heart of The Blockchain Revolution: Part 1

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It is no secret that cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming mainstream, as millions across the globe enter the crypto space. Although media attention tends to focus on fiat value and the ever-growing market caps, of equal importance is the fact that thousands of institutions are implementing distributed ledger technology into their logistics, infrastructure, and management systems. Read More

Taler: Belarus Now Open For Cryptocurrency

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Sergei Lavrinenko Denis Lavnievich and Sergei Lavrinenko from Belarus are the dynamic duo behind the Taler cryptocurrency (TLR) which launched in September of last year and which has grown in value by more than 400% since. In stark contrast to many other countries, Belarus has welcomed cryptocurrencies and all that surrounds this growing market. On Read More

Buying Bitcoin? Hedge Funds Will Use Blockchain, Too

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Mona El Isa is co-founder and member of the board at Melonport AG, a decentralized digital asset management platform, and a former VP of equities trading at Goldman Sachs. The following article is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2017 in Review. Imagine a future where humans play a minimal role in setting up, regulating and reporting regulatory Read More