How Will a $100 Mln Grant Help Ethereum Scale?

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On Feb. 16, six large-scale Blockchain projects OmiseGo, Cosmos, Golem, Maker and Raiden, that have completed successful multi-million dollar initial coin offerings (ICOs) last year, along with Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain have created the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF), to fund projects and businesses within the Ethereum ecosystem. The ECF will begin with $100 Read More

Decentralized Application Platforms Sit At The Heart of The Blockchain Revolution: Part 1

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It is no secret that cryptocurrency is rapidly becoming mainstream, as millions across the globe enter the crypto space. Although media attention tends to focus on fiat value and the ever-growing market caps, of equal importance is the fact that thousands of institutions are implementing distributed ledger technology into their logistics, infrastructure, and management systems. Read More

Aragon Announcing Aragon Labs

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Author & Co-Author of this post —  Luke Duncan Tatu Kärki Source:  Aragon Blog Ever since the early days of the Aragon project we’ve known that there will be obstacles that we’ll need to solve. Concepts that exist, but require research before we can begin implementing these ideas. But there’s no single solution in governance that works for each and every one. What might Read More

Be a Giveth Maker !

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In the near future Giveth is launching its DApp. To Build the Future of Giving we need your help: you could be a developer, designer, writer, organizer, blogger, tester, … whatever you do or make, you are of value in the Giveth Decentralized Altruistic Community. By sending us your information we can get in touch Read More

With Development and Price, Where Does Ethereum Go Long-Term?

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At a Blockchain conference hosted in Taipei, Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin outlined the long-term roadmap of Ethereum development. According to Buterin, most of the underlying issues of the Ethereum Blockchain network fall under the following categories: scalability, smart contract safety, consensus protocol and privacy. Several network updates including the most recent Byzantium hard fork provided solutions in Read More

DApps to Offer Power of Apps But Fight Centralization

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The history of apps is a long one. Back in 1983, Steve Jobs talked about what is now known as the app store. At the time, users were required to buy applications before actually trying them out. In this sense, Steve Jobs explained how an app store would disrupt the current norm using a record Read More