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Redefining Digital Marketing with Basic Attention Token

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When it comes to digital marketing in today’s market, there are several companies like Google or Facebook that dominate the advertising space. It is a $1 billion dollar industry that consists of advertisers, publishers, and users. Over the years, digital marketing has grown to an opaque and inefficient marketplace that has many downsides. When you Read More

Coinbase Glitch Allowed Unlimited Ethereum Balances

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Coinbase Glitch Allowed Unlimited Ethereum Balances On March 21, the San Francisco based exchange Coinbase publicly revealed an ethereum balance glitch that allowed users to manipulate their account balances. Researchers noticed that, by utilizing a smart contract, a person could add as much ethereum as they wanted to their account. Smart Contract Manipulation Allowed Unlimited Read More

Crypto Miners Present EU Regulators With A Problem

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Regulators in the EU cannot ban crypto mining, because nothing about it is really illegal, even though there are growing concerns over the high power consumption. Officials fear that power consumption at such high levels will increase costs across the board and affect the environment. EU Commission expresses concerns about mining-related power consumption Last week, Read More

Giza Revealed To Be Pyramid Scam

5 days ago kakp2 0
Giza, a cryptocurrency storage venture, has shown its true colors. The company has emptied its ICO Ethereum wallet and left investors in the dust. After what seemed like a legitimate business venture evaporated, nearly one thousand investors are reeling from the aftermath of losing big money. This is why regulators hate ICOs ICOs have been Read More

Strength in Numbers: a Brief History of 51% Attacks

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Ever since the first decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), there have been attempts at a network takeover, termed a “51% attack.” These occur when an individual or group of miners controls more than 50% of the networks hashing power, enabling them to create a fork of the blockchain that is constructed faster than the original. By Read More

Nauticus Exchange ICO Begins Today With 35 Percent Bonus Coins Available

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Up to 35 percent bonus for early backers of the Nauticus Coin Coin offers users a 50 percent reduction on trading fees on the Nauticus Exchange Six ethical global banking and eCommerce solutions with one coin WITH more than 100,000 users registering over the past three weeks, Nauticus expects a huge response from ICO backers Read More

Coinbase Makes Tax Reporting Easier

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Some 13,000 Coinbase clients were recently reported to the IRS by the crypto-exchange, under a mandate from the federal government. That means digital asset holders definitely need to worry about declaring those funds on their taxes. Coinbase has created some tools to help with this and you should probably get an accountant to help you Read More

Binance Announces Proprietary Blockchain

7 days ago kakp2 0
Binance has enjoyed record profits and favorable standing within the crypto community and now it seeks to improve its service, and further profits and standing, by introducing its own blockchain. The crypto-exchange seems to be rolling out a hybrid centralized-decentralized platform, in order to capitalize on the benefits of both methods. Just a year ago, Read More