If the entire US went vegan, it’d be a public health disaster

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Switching to the vegan dream would be a nutritional nightmare for Americans. That’s according to new research published this week by the US National Academy of Sciences that poses big questions about how the US agricultural sector can be changed and improved in the future, to mitigate climate change without causing deleterious effects on the Read More

Tofu’s effect on prostate cancer is unclear

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Tofu is significantly associated with prostate cancer, a study reveals, however, experts stress ‘much more research is needed’. Plant-derived compounds known as phytoestrogens, which are mainly found in soy products such as tofu and edamame beans, have previously been linked to the condition due to them being structurally similar to a hormone that increases the Read More

Stress affects sperm quality and offspring, study finds

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The children of overly-stressed men may be less resilient and more prone to sensitivity to stress and even post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), new research suggests. A new study demonstrated how even mild to moderate stress may affect the way that men’s sperm develops. The resulting changes meant that these fathers passed down genetic coding Read More

X-ray you must see before you get a new knee

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This is an image to make anyone who’s had joint replacement surgery wince: the picture shows a new knee that has slipped out of place. Up to 80,000 total knee replacements are performed each year in the UK. The good news is the surgery has a very high success rate, with 98 per cent of Read More

Boy, 2, walks with prosthetic legs after double amputation

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A two-year-old double amputee spent his birthday walking with his new prosthetic legs on Sunday. Jaylen Escalera was born with six fingers, two toes and missing bones in his legs that caused knee and ankle deformities as a result of two very rare genetic abnormalities. Doctors told the family his only hope at ever being Read More

Larissa is nominee for the Mail’s Health Hero awards

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The Daily Mail’s Health Hero Awards honour the unsung champions of the NHS, those who go the extra mile with no thought of thanks or reward. And we need YOU to help identify them. Five finalists will receive their awards from The Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and the winner will also receive a Read More

Scientists discover human skin heals faster during the day

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A good night’s sleep isn’t always as restorative as we think. Researchers at England’s Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology wanted to find out how skin wounds heal in tandem with the body’s circadian rhythms, the 24-hour clock that defines the body’s regular shift from being sleepy to wide awake. Every cell in the Read More

Women are less likely to receive CPR than men

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Women are less likely than men to receive CPR from a bystander and more likely to die, a new study suggests. Researchers believe it might be down to a general reluctance to touch a woman’s chest and move clothing out of the way for better access. Only 39 percent of women suffering cardiac arrest in Read More

Bill Gates invests $100 million in fighting Alzheimer’s

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Bill Gates is investing $100 million of his personal fortune in research to find a cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s. The billionaire Microsoft co-founder announced on Monday that he will give $50 million to the Dementia Discovery Fund, a venture capital fund that brings together industry and government to seek treatments for the brain-wasting disease. The investment Read More

Madagascar plague death toll rises to 165

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The plague death toll shows no sign of slowing as official figures reveal 165 have now lost their lives in Madagascar’s ‘worst outbreak in 50 years’. Data shows a 15 per cent jump in fatalities over three days, with scientists concerned it has reached ‘crisis’ point and 10 countries now placed on high alert. At Read More