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Nauticus Exchange ICO Begins Today With 35 Percent Bonus Coins Available

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Up to 35 percent bonus for early backers of the Nauticus Coin Coin offers users a 50 percent reduction on trading fees on the Nauticus Exchange Six ethical global banking and eCommerce solutions with one coin WITH more than 100,000 users registering over the past three weeks, Nauticus expects a huge response from ICO backers Read More

Coinbase Makes Tax Reporting Easier

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Some 13,000 Coinbase clients were recently reported to the IRS by the crypto-exchange, under a mandate from the federal government. That means digital asset holders definitely need to worry about declaring those funds on their taxes. Coinbase has created some tools to help with this and you should probably get an accountant to help you Read More

ICOs This Week : Eligma, Safecrypt, XYO ICO Review

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On today’s edition of ICO’s This Week, we review Eligma and Safecrypt, two exciting projects for the blockchain industry. Additionally, we bring you an ICO Review of XYO. This Week’s Show Is Sponsored by Robotina Robotina is developing a platform that will reduce energy consumption, lower electricity costs and optimize the entire electricity grid by Read More

Classifying Crypto Tokens: How Can You Tell Utilities From Securities?

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After Ethereum successfully launched the first ICO in 2014, there has been a global rise in ICO launches since then. What endeared people to the Ethereum blockchain was its unique feature of offering easy tokenization on its platform. Most blockchain startup companies utilize tokenization as a means of generating funds to run their blockchain and Read More

What Should Be in an ICO White Paper? Expert Take

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In our Expert Takes, opinion leaders from inside and outside the crypto industry express their views, share their experience and give professional advice. Expert Takes cover everything from Blockchain technology and ICO funding to taxation, regulation, and cryptocurrency adoption by different sectors of the economy. If you would like to contribute an Expert Take, please Read More

Robotina Combines Expertise In IoT, AI And Smart Grids To Launch Energy ICO

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Robotina, an established European energy firm with projects in 25 countries, is launching an ICO to optimize the distribution and efficiency of electrical energy. The parent company has been operating in the target industry since 1990, creating industrial energy control systems and running R&D for smart electrical grids across the world. Robotina’s goal for the Read More

LCCX – Revolutionising Crypto Trade with a Futuristic Exchange Platform Model

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London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX) offers a innovative crypto exchange platform model that seeks to address notable weaknesses in the existing model. With its unique approach, the platform will make trading in digital currencies more accessible and reduce the risk level associated with the trade. The cryptocurrency industry has experienced unprecedented growth over the past Read More


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TIME is running out to register for the Nauticus Exchange ICO, with more than 75,000 users already signing up in the first three weeks. ICO backers have less than two weeks to register before the presale begins – and access a bonus 30 percent – before the ICO proper begins on March 31. Nauticus’s team Read More