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The Blockchain People To Watch In Ireland For 2018

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Ireland has always punched above its weight. It has given the world Oscar Wilde and Conor McGregor, and everything in between and no longer feels the need to apologize for Bono. A forward-thinking, liberal society has replaced the dogmatic, nun-fearing Ireland of old, and with these great social changes has come wealth and innovation. A Read More

ICO Review: FlipNpik – Blockchained Social Media For Local Businesses

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FlipNpik logo, source: Globalization and centralization of industries and wealth have led to a disloyal competition where the big players increasingly take more market share from small businesses that offer good products or services but do not have the capabilities to reach their potential customers. Social networks have designed their services mainly to suit Read More

ICO Review: Dataeum – The First Collaborative Platform For Data

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Dataeum, source: Today we live in what many call the Information Age, where digital data production is at the heart of our ecosystems and businesses, all using data to drive growth. The most valued companies today are the ones that have based their business around data: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, etc. Read More

Making Friends With Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies At Specialized Event In Kyiv

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Tough control over ICO would herald 2018. So, no more talks about the absence of a legal framework for cryptocurrencies. That is a conclusion of the speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv. On March 29th, for the fifth time, Kyiv gathered officials, entrepreneurs, traders, lawyers, startup founders in order to discuss the introduction of Read More

ICO And Crypto Social Media Ban: Should We Be Worried?

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Some may find it ironic, if Silicon Valley is to be viewed as an ally to cryptocurrency, that every major social media network is taking steps to ban ICO and crypto-related advertisements. How much will this affect the market? There is an argument that these advertisements might cause people who cannot afford to invest in Read More

The Current State Of The ICO & Token Sale Market

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by Igor Karavaev Pessimistic forecasts prove wrong as the hype keeps growing In 2016, investments in ICOs started out at $95 million spread across 43 projects. Last year saw 210 ICO projects raise $3.88 billion (all data provided by, leading to a huge upsurge in interest for this new instrument for financing high-tech startups. Read More

Group Project ICO Review: Crypto-Tagging To Fight Counterfeit Products

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Counterfeiting is big business, worth an estimated $461bn. That is a lot of cheddar, and many gangs want in. Fake goods have been around as long as there have been goods to speak of; it’s a centuries-old scourge. The advent of the internet heralded a meteoric rise in the counterfeiting business with the online world Read More

ICOs This Week: EHarvestHub, Photochain And BitRewards ICO Review

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Today on ICOs This Week we are looking at three very interesting ICO reviews on eHarvestHub, a project that aims to make food accessible to all; Photochain, which plans on offering a blockchain solution to the conventional photo stock; and BitRewards, a new crypto-based loyalty program. eHarvestHub: Making Food Accessible To All eHarvestHub is a Read More