Blocknubie ICO: Helping Startups Board The Blockchain

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It is good to find a company that does what it says on the tin, like Blocknubie: block for blockchain and nubie for, well, newbie. Its CEO, Loughlin Nestor, has worked with startups for many years. In fact, his previous incarnation, Nubie, was a world first, offering the first cloud-based online mentoring system for startups. Read More

Multiversum: Delivering 4th Generation Blockchain – A Crypto Relational Database

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Multiversum, a new and innovative blockchain technology platform, has created a fourth generation blockchain. Instead of a single blockchain, Multiversum has devised a Crypto Relational Database forming chains of data that flex to meet the needs of complex corporate and industrial environments. Multiversum addresses the key dysfunctional aspects of the traditional blockchain, namely lack of Read More

AI Bots Presented To Traders @ Gimmer Roadshow Dublin

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Gimmer, the innovative automated cryptocurrency trading platform, arrived in Dublin last weekend. Marketing Director, Michel Comini, gave a presentation on the AI bot technology underpinning the Gimmer platform during an event for crypto traders in IIFT, the Institute of Investing and Financial Trading in Dublin. Comini raised laughter when he quoted Gil Scott-Heron: “The revolution Read More

Venezuelan ‘Petro’ Launches Today: First National Crypto Backed By Oil

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Earlier this year, Kodak announced it was launching its own cryptocurrency and suddenly the dying company’s stock price shot up by 60 percent. Since last year, Venezuela has been in the news as its president made public the nation’s intention to revive its economy by launching a cryptocurrency backed by Venezuela crude oil. Venezuela is Read More

ICO Pass Review: Know Your Customer Accelerated Through The Blockchain

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Identity theft is a catch-all term that defines any means or methods by which an individual steals and uses someone else’s personal information, usually for fraudulent purposes. It ranges from fake IDs for petty financial gain, to high-level political stakes involving espionage, political interference, and major fraud. A person’s identity is a valuable asset, after Read More

ICO Review: Tomochain – Scalability And Security On The Blockchain

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Important dates: Q1 2018 public sale Number of tokens: 100 million fixed Cap: $8.5 million Token type: ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain Whitepaper Link What is Tomochain? Tomochain is a blockchain platform. It will host smart contracts and will allow for decentralized applications to be built using the Tomochain infrastructure. The Tomo application Read More

JOLYY TGE – The Blockchain For Fair, Cheap, And Efficient Beauty Services

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What is JOLYY? Blockchain startup JOLYY is an online beauty booking platform. Its mission is to disrupt the existing market using blockchain technology to provide an innovative and highly effective platform for booking online beauty services. They aim to provide the beauty market with a secure and trustworthy platform to benefit all parties, from industry representatives Read More

John McAfee Remains Bullish About Crypto Prospects For 2018 And Beyond. Texas Bitcoin Ethereum Super Conference

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Speaking in Texas yesterday to an enthusiastic and animated audience, John McAfee enlightened and entertained with on-the-money insights into the potential future for Bitcoin, Ethereum and the whole crypto world. John McAfee was the highlight of the second day of the Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain Superconference, currently taking place here in Irving, Texas. Such was the Read More

ICO Review: DermaVir – Revolutionary Immunotherapy Technology

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Genetic Immunity, Inc. is a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company focusing on the development and commercialization of a revolutionary new immunotherapy technology platform. Their clinically proven platform supports the world’s first therapeutic HIV vaccine, and a rapid and cost-effective development of a large portfolio of additional vaccines focused on cancer, viral infection, allergies, and more, increasing Read More

DeNet ICO Review: Decentralized Web Hosting

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Few could argue that the internet is here to stay. From humble beginnings in the 1990s to the almighty beast that it is today, online technology will only become ever more pervasive in the future. New websites pop up by the thousands every day, and they all need hosting space to live in. DeNet is Read More