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Germany could face another election as coalition talks collapse

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Nearly two months after the general election, Germany has been plunged into political uncertainty after attempts to form a coalition government collapsed. There is now a distinct possibility that the country could face another election. An exhausted-looking Merkel addressed reporters in the early hours of Monday morning (Nov.20) to confirm that the coalition discussions between Read More

India’s biggest banks are piling on the losses, and investors are loving it

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The Indian banking sector is in a curious situation: Some of the country’s biggest banks are reporting losses, yet stock markets are rewarding them. The State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest lender, reported a 38% decline in its net profit in the July-September quarter of financial year 2018. Given the decline, one would have Read More

If the entire US went vegan, it’d be a public health disaster

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Switching to the vegan dream would be a nutritional nightmare for Americans. That’s according to new research published this week by the US National Academy of Sciences that poses big questions about how the US agricultural sector can be changed and improved in the future, to mitigate climate change without causing deleterious effects on the Read More

Vitalik Buterin: Early Versions of Ethereum Were Supposed to Launch on Bitcoin

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Earlier this week, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin revealed that early versions of Ethereum were set to be launched on top of the Bitcoin protocol. In the early days of bitcoin, the function OP_RETURN was used by several major blockchain networks including Counterparty, which was the 20th largest cryptocurrency in the market at its peak. The Read More