“My wife said — it is unlikely this night will survive”

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Sergey Silkov looks great — it’s easy and briskly down from a high staircase in the atrium of Technopark, where work with the TCI controller. It is almost impossible to imagine that this man with dumbbells from swollen veins in the hands and rapid step several years ago was “walking corpse”, as he puts it. Read More

The election is over: Novate reward the best of the city

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In voting for the “people’s award” was attended by 70 thousand people Today, may 21, NGS presents the first “people’s award”. We conduct an online broadcast of the Opera house at 19:30 will start the ceremony at which the awards will receive the best companies of Novosibirsk, in the opinion of site visitors NGS.RU. “People’s Read More

Ghetto of outcasts: a report from the area where the house

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sold in the beginning of the month quarter for several years lost at home In early may, city hall sold at auction quarter with barracks in the neighborhood “television station”: a right to build new housing on the site of 7 houses of different degree of decay in 15,83 million rubles was granted to the Read More

Selfie for: in Novosibirsk has passed “Night of museums”

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“Night of museums” in Novosibirsk correct to call in the evening — most of the sites were working just before midnight. In the Roerich Museum in addition to guided tours, for example, visitors are invited to draw themselves. The Museum was a real crush. Due to the influx of free access to the Museum even Read More

The city was in trouble

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“For 20 years the NHS has changed many times, but this year the main city of the portal will change its design and editorial formats beyond recognition to meet the spirit of the times and the needs of the audience, most of which is reading us from the screens of mobile phones. Much has changed Read More

Pedestrians riot: fans to cut the tube on the yards declared war

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Aggressive in just their yards, defended last week the residents of the street and the two storey houses numbered 25, 26, 29 and 31. The evening of may 11, they waited for them in the yard will call for some cars who is going round the tube on the outside of the Airport through Mochischenskogo Read More

The boiling water will go under the feet

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Monday, may 21, in Novosibirsk ends the heating season, as weather forecasters announced the long-awaited increase in temperature. This is the official date of termination of heat supply, though the city authorities do not exclude the possibility that the batteries will not disable if the forecast comes true. “Of course, we live in Siberia, and Read More

Blows under your feet: in Novosibirsk will start extreme tests of heating systems

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Hot water will be disconnected next week “Siberian generating company” announced the beginning of tests on heating systems in Novosibirsk. “From 23 to 29 may 2018 “Teplovye SETI” of the Novosibirsk branch of “Siberian generating company” for the first time in five years, will conduct tests on the networks for maximum temperature. The purpose of Read More

“Us citizens have less to stand at the stove”

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Denis Pupin, Director of the shopping center METRO in Novosibirsk: METRO more than 30 thousand names of products “Shopping centers METRO are valued for the range is more than 30 thousand items and quality of products. We understand that our services depends on the business of our professional clients and is very attentive to all Read More