Top Ten Minecraft 1.12.2 Spawn Point Seeds for December 2017

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There are two types of Minecraft players: those who hit the ground running and those who destroy and create new worlds due to boring spawn points. In either scenario, the initial starting coordinates in Minecraft are critical to the player’s success and enjoyment of the game. We’ve collected some of the best — and rarest Read More

10 Open World Video Games Set In Historical Eras

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With open world games set in modern day cities, cybernetic worlds, and fantasy kingdoms done to death at this point, there is no wonder that historical games such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Red Dead Redemption 2 are trending in the market. Not only do these games bring variety to a popular genre, but they also bring Read More

Fortnite Guide: How to Fix Waiting in Queue

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Epic Games’ Fortnite has rapidly become one of the most popular games around thanks to constant updates and releases across PC and consoles, even eclipsing PUBG for some players. With all that popularity, it’s reasonable to expect a few technical issues or inconveniences every now and again, and the queue seems to be one of Read More

The Surge Gets Silly With A Walk In The Park

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It wasn’t that long ago that Deck13 gave us a proper, devastatingly-hard Souls-style experience with a junkyard sci-fi twist in The Surge, but if you’ve been away for awhile, now there’s plenty of reason to come back and take A Walk In The Park! The amusement park theme here espouses visions of Nuka World dancing in my Read More

Puzzle Fighter Review – It’s Not “Super” for A Reason

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Some games are just meant to be mobile. They should have tap functionality, the personability of a small screen close to a user’s face, and repetitious gameplay that isn’t as fun on a big screen, or with a joystick or d-pad. While a few games make the transition from PC to mobile well enough, such Read More

Adventure Communist vs. Adventure Capitalist – Which One’s More Fun?

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If you’re like my fiance, who has played Clicker Heroes for more than 700 days, then you would like these two idle game titles from Hyper Hippo Games. AdVenture Communist is the sequel to AdVenture Capitalist, and as the names suggest, players are in a communist and capitalist system respectively. Besides the economic differences, the games work very Read More

Bayonetta 3 Announced as Nintendo Switch Exclusive

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In one of many surprises to come out of the 2017 Game Awards yesterday, Nintendo has announced that Bayonetta 3 is officially in development and that it will be an exclusive title for the Switch. They also made the announcement that the former Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2, as well as the original Bayonetta, will be coming to the Switch Read More

Hello Neighbor Guide: Act 1 Puzzle Walkthrough

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After hours of flipping switches, breaking windows, hiding in closets, and picking up every object known to man, you’re probably more than a little stumped on how to complete Hello Neighbor‘s Act 1 segment. If you are having trouble getting into the basement and figuring out how to proceed past all those stubbornly locked doors, Read More

Hello Neighbor Review: Fancy Some Light B&E This Evening?

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While browsing through the toys at Gamestop last week in search of Christmas gifts, I couldn’t help but notice a Hello Neighbor plushie prominently displayed on prime shelf real estate. I think it’s safe to say that Early Access and crowd funding have made a pretty serious dent in the industry if an indie game Read More

SpellForce 3 Review

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The SpellForce series has been kicking around since 2003, but there’s a pretty high chance you may have never heard of it. With nary a full release or an expansion since 2014, some fans may have considered this niche strategy series dead. SpellForce 3 is the first full-fledged release for the series since 2006, and Read More