Apple is reportedly buying Shazam

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Siri might actually be able to figure out what song you’re listening to at the bar now. Apple is planning to purchase Shazam, the music discovery app, for around £300 million ($395 million), TechCrunch reported on Friday (Dec. 8). As of 2015, the 18-year-old company’s valuation was around $1 billion, according to Pitchbook, and the Read More

Running marathons is hard—breaking up with your running group is harder

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After three years running with a group in NYC—five marathons and thousands of miles in—I was summarily kicked out. It happened in one of the most 21st century ways possible. I was booted off the private collective our group leader had created in the running app Strava, after raising concerns about, among other things, his Read More

Michael Flynn may not have been the only rat in the White House this year

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Michael Flynn, president Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, plead guilty yesterday to lying to the FBI about his contact with Russia, suggesting he could have a cut a deal with investigator Robert Mueller to offer damaging information on the president in exchange for a lighter charge. In other words, Flynn may have ratted out Read More

With two words, the US tax bill quietly threatens abortion rights

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The GOP tax bill, which will make rich Americans richer, and everyone else poorer, is likely about to pass in the Senate. Hidden among the tax cuts—and the provisions that help those who own golf courses and also take a whack at those who have student debt—is a short passage that could threaten women’s reproductive Read More