Where to eat in Turkey: we found the best restaurants

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Отель Кемер

Maxx Royal Kemer Resort will change your idea on restaurants in Turkey. Dishes of various cuisines are prepared in accordance with the highest standards! Italian à La carte specialities from France, handmade chocolate… there is even a restaurant street Azure Court (Yes, it happens sometimes!). Famous piaz (bean salad), fragrant cheese pizza, fresh fish and even chicken Kiev menu pleasantly surprised by the variety. Tell him where to go.

Azure 24

The main restaurant in the main building, which is open round the clock. Breakfast offered a choice of nearly 1,000 items, including cold seafood, imported cheeses and delicacies from different regions of Turkey. But ahead of you waiting for another day filled with culinary discoveries! Here are all the best cuisines of the world – the Pho soup with beef Vietnamese-style Chinese noodles with chicken and shrimp, duck confit from France, lamb chops from the Turkish cuisine and of course Russian menu: borscht or chicken Kiev not to miss home.

Tangerine Asia

What about the delicacies of the Far East? Beach Tangerine is situated amongst white Sands and palm trees. You can enjoy sushi and sashimi of local fish, cold noodles (a great option in hot weather!) and other dishes, while admiring the Bay of Kiris. Chef cook in iron pans at a temperature of 300 degrees, and for guests it turns into a spectacular culinary performance. By the way, you yourself can feel like a real cook skewers of beef, shrimp or scallops can cook on the grill right on your table. Tangerine has long been a favorite place for family dinner.

Azure Court

Institution Azure Turk, Italia Azure and Azure Fish, located on the restaurant street Azure Court, specializiruetsya in different cuisines. Here you can try piyaz (bean salad) with tahini, which is famous Antalya, pizza on a crispy pastry, Italian Bakery, pies with mushrooms and mashed cauliflower or a plate with different kinds of fried fish.

By the way, if you’re sitting in a restaurant, and the dishes the other does not come from you, staff will execute the order and will bring any dish from a neighboring institution.

Chocolatier and Le Melange

Patisserie Le Melange and chocolate café Chocolatier could be the pride of France, but to try the unique delicacies you can only in Maxx Royal Kemer Resort. These flavors not found anywhere else! For example, in the window of Le Melange once you pay attention to eclairs with salted caramel and black pepper, the Opera cake with licorice and cake “Frasier” with strawberries. But there are traditional treats like croissants, tiramisu and, of course, the classic Turkish baklava.

In Chocolatier, you can evaluate not only the Belgian chocolate producers, which speaks for itself, but also a wide selection of desserts from the real Turin chocolate filled with gianduja to chocolate spread, up to 30% made of hazelnuts, praline to ganache, from medallions to dozens of types of chocolate truffles. With the concept of the open kitchen chocolate in the café is prepared in front of guests. By the way, a huge chocolate-covered strawberries, which is offered at the entrance to the hotel is also the work of talented craftsmen from Chocolatier. And very popular among visitors to enjoy the division of vegetable chocolate (for example, beet or green peas).

Bon appetit!



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