Cyprus vacations: where to stay, what to eat and where to walk?

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March is the hardest month of the year. Like the spring, but the snow does not become smaller, the sun does not heat all hurt and sulking. So we propose to take a short break and give up on the March long weekend in Cyprus. There will already be a +22. And delicious, fun and easy. We have already visited there to investigate, so that you are telling.

How long is the flight

From Moscow to Larnaca the flight was only four hours. In the season (i.e. in summer) round-trip ticket for one person costs about 30 thousand rubles, and in the spring and autumn of 20 thousand.

What to see

In Cyprus please everyone: parents with young children, newlyweds and avid travelers who can’t sit and study the interesting sights. For example, in Paphos there are the famous “Aphrodite’s Rock” (“Petra tou Romiou”) – according to legend, in this place Aphrodite emerged from the sea foam. Every self-respecting tourist must here at least to visit, maybe to have a swim around the rock. They say that this trip gives eternal youth.

“Rock Of Aphrodite”

And, you can (and should) drive to the convent of St. Nicholas. It is called cat’s – lives there only five nuns, but cats more than a hundred. Cats, by the way, Cyprus is very loved and respected – say that they saved the island in the beginning of the IV century when, after a terrible drought had a major snake infestation.

convent of St. Nicholas

In Cyprus, by the way, very much Russian. According to recent reports, the island is home to slightly more than 826 thousand people, and among them Russian – about 40 thousand. Most of them are in Limassol, this resort has been jokingly called “Lineaged”.

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Not surprisingly, a frequent guest at the Cyprus – Russian stars. Just last year they visited Polina Gagarin, Grigory Leps, Ani Lorak and family.

Where to stay

Limassol – universal city for tourists: here you and beaches, and shops, and entertainment venues. And compatriots, Yes. All hotels in Limassol located in Amathountos Avenue, which runs along the coastline. We recommend you to stay at the hotel Four Seasons. Just because you fall in love at first sight and getting his site to work.

cafe tropical

In the morning doing a Breakfast. Breakfast buffet: fruit, vegetables, cakes, and halloumi on the grill (where the same without him), bacon, scrambled eggs, all kinds of yogurts, cereals… anything. And there is very tasty coffee! And in the evening – lovely dinner. Salads, vegetables, all kinds of meat and desserts. Those who want to go through all Four Seasons restaurants, hand over passwords and turnout.

The first thing to note, the Chinese restaurant Seasons Oriental. They cook so delicious that people come here not only hotel guests but also local residents. There’s even one elderly couple, for whom the trip to this restaurant has become a tradition – once a week they dine there. Our favorites: chicken with sweet and sour sauce, Peking duck and dim sum.

Seasons Oriental

By the way, the people of Limassol run not only at the Seasons Oriental, but in one of the iconic places in the city – Colors café to drink coffee and eat delicious cakes.

Cafe Colors

Be sure to look into Vivaldi By Mavrommatis – gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, which for eight consecutive years to receive the award in the nomination “Best hotel restaurant”, according to Timeout. Here is the best lobster in all of Cyprus, and very tasty spaghetti al-dente.

Vivaldi By Mavrommatis

But fish lovers will appreciate the Seafood Bar serves these oysters, sushi and rolls, that in Moscow you simply will not want to order them. The difference is still very much felt. It is open, but only from may to October.

Seafood Bar


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The hotel has a luxury Spa, which features on Shiseido cosmetics and Aromatherapy Associates. A mandatory item on your holiday – a visit to a massage (by the way, Thai massage doing real Taiko). Before the procedure they give you to fill out a short form, where you say that you care about the most: for example, back pain, stress, constant nervousness or, on the contrary, you can’t force yourself to move actively. And therefore you pick up the necessary massage.

a panoramic view of Four Seasons

On-site Four Seasons as many as three swimming pools. One of them is indoor and heated, the second – marked “adults only”, the third – and biggest – General. But, in principle, to the beach to go down for exactly a minute (we timed).

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In General, we’ve told you everything I know.

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You haven’t started to book tickets? Why?

Address: 67/69 Amathountos Avenue, Ag.Tychonas, Limassol 4532, Cyprus