A romantic weekend in St. Petersburg: where to live, where to eat, where to dance

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If you really want to break out of Moscow, but the budget does not allow you to take the first flight to the Maldives, take a ticket for “Sapsan” and go to St. Petersburg. Believe me, the city on the Neva is a wonderful detox for the soul. Especially if you’re with a boyfriend (verified). Tell where to stay, to feel like Manhattan to eat pizza in Rome and dance in Berlin.

Where to live


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We stayed at the hotel CorinthiaHotelStPetersburg at the beginning of Nevsky Prospekt. The busiest street of the city, and inside, quiet and very new York: a large, peaceful lobby, with live music and beautiful staircases. The luxurious rooms are huge (and very soft) bed and lots of mirrors (to make the traditional hotel selfie in a white robe). Individual attention, Breakfast: fresh salmon, salmon ROE and – Yes! champagne. In General, a beautiful life.

Price per night: from 15 thousand rubles.

Address: Nevskiy PR-t, d. 57

Tel: +7 (812) 3802001

Where there is

Co-op Garage

Gorokhovaya ul., 47

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This large bar in a secret courtyard on Gorokhovaya the most delicious mini pizzas in town. Our favorite is pear and Gorgonzola. And chicken wings with teriyaki sauce, and all of this (and the alcohol) is almost a symbolic price. There is Billiards.

Jack & Chan

Engineering str., 7

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Another spot from the creators of “Garage” – “Jackie Chan” in the Engineering. Here cuisine pan-Asian and American. Spacious enough and very cozy restaurant where the most expensive dish costs about 350 rubles. My romantic weekend coincided with the birthday dinner for 11 people (which is important, with alcohol) cost me 15 thousand rubles.


Kirochnaya str., 3

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Prices are higher here, but the more difficult European dishes with Asian accents. From duck breast with cream of quince (490 p.) has a chance to get a gastronomic orgasm, and the waiters will gladly help you to choose the dish the “right” wine. St. Petersburg say that Birch is a gastronomic discovery of the year.

“Kakha bar”

Rubinshteina str., 24

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And here we had Breakfast the perfect khinkali with beef (55 p. / PC.). Actually “Caja” – one of the nicest Georgian institutions, because the walls no artificial vines, the bar is lined with bricks, and out of the speakers is not playing Tamara Gverdtsiteli. It’s light, and the interior is stylish and minimalist.

Duo Gastrobar

Kirochnaya ul., d. 8A

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A tiny school on Kirochnaya Duo Gastrobar is, as they say St. Petersburg, one of the most friendly, cozy and, of course, delicious places in the city. There are a few rules: not in street clothes (not allowed even stars), to sit at the table longer than two hours and one about the price – although no one dish is more expensive than 490 rubles. Our favorites: beef tartare with Parmesan mousse and scallops with buckwheat and smoked duck breast.

Where to drink

Pub “Next”

Gorokhovaya ul., 32-34

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Here, it seems, was all Petersburgers and guests of the Northern capital. But otherwise, when the stack of divine tangerine chacha costs only 150 rubles? The only negative – little space, but for the “acceleration” of the better establishments in St. Petersburg no.


Rubinshteina str., 40/11

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“Bekitser” working all week until six in the morning. Located on Rubinstein, but there is little “Bottle” on the island of New Holland. Here, too, quite closely, but still can eat delicious. In the alcohol menu has everything your heart desires, all kinds of cider, wine, rum, vermouth, whiskey, liqueurs and cocktails. Food-we appreciated the Tunisian tuna sandwich (260 p.).


Rubinshteina str., 2

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The bar in the Russian “Orthodox” all the cocktails named after writers and composers and their works. Chekhov: “the Cherry orchard” cherry moonshine “Uncle Vanya” on Apple vermouth and a set of three shots “the Three sisters”. Tchaikovsky: “the Nutcracker” with vodka crap, “Sleeping beauty” Russian champagne and “the enchantress” in apricot distillate. But on account of Unit four cocktails with the names “Night”, “Street”, “Lantern” and “Pharmacy”. All are not more expensive than 500 rubles. And I think such a bar could come only in St. Petersburg.

Where to dance

“Dance floor”

Konyushennaya square, D. 2

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The cozy yard in the city with garlands of light bulbs, discus and live plants hidden in the archway to the stables area. And if you go to party in Moscow, then brought into the “dance floor” look familiar to you: mark Schedrin, Kirill Ivanov, Dasha the Duck, and many others. We got to Lipelis and danced till dawn with disco.


The Voronezh street, 2A

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“Griboedov” ironically called “fashion club”. But fashionable it is not enough. But about that, what are the parties in both capitals legends. High risk to go into such a gap, which wakes up only a couple of days. Especially if the club “Thriller” – party administrator of the club Tikhon briskly, where you play it and all his friends-DJs.


Neb. The Admiralty channel, 2A

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And one of our favorite club – Kuznya House on the island of “New Holland”. At Peter I here was a real smithy, and today a restaurant and a fun party. Sometimes even Kozak arrives with his “the love boat” and clogged to overflowing songs Loboda memory stick.



Can’t help but share one life hack that brightened the gastronomic part of the St. Petersburg weekend, is a free application Foodism. Briefly: Tinder for food. Set the filters to search for and receive a selection of the best places within walking distance where you can dine, with a detailed description of the best dishes and of course prices. What is important: works only on the territory of St. Petersburg. You’re welcome.


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