Profitable car service full cycle.

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The price is reduced !!! Profitable car service full cycle.

Profitable car service full cycle.
Fixed cost

2 750 000 PUB.

Average monthly turnover1 200 000 rub

Monthly profit320 000 rub

Payback10 months.

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Basic information
NameThe price is reduced !!! Profitable car service full cycle.
IndustryAuto business
IndustryCar service
Size of investmentup to 4,000,000 rubles
Produced products, types of servicesCar service
Term of business existence5 years
The number of employees8
Organizational and legal formLtd
Approximate locationNEAD
Administrative DistrictNEAD
Metro stationMarina Grove
Reason for selling a businessNeed for money
Number of owners of shares (shareholders)2
Financial picture
Fixed cost of business2 750 000 rubles.
Average monthly turnover1 200 000 rubles.
Monthly profit320 000 rubles.
Fixed assets
The propertyLocated in the metro station Butyrskaya, a detached building, the first line. The rentable area is 562 sq.m., 250 000 RUR rent. (part of the premises was subleased for 55,000 rubles) + 20,000 rubles. communal payments. Long-term lease until September 2020.
Means of productionThe layout is a technical washer for 2 posts, a metalwork shop for 3 posts + 3D computer assembly-breakdown, a painting workshop (Varta camera), 2 preparatory paint stations, a director’s office, a reception, a client room, staff rooms. The main equipment – 3 lifts, gangway, spray booth, 2 washers, 3 trolleys with tools, CCTV
Additional Information
Additional InformationAt this point, the car service has been working for 5 years, during this time the customer base (more than 2,000 individuals) has been formed, there is a website.At the moment, signed 9 corporate contracts (taxi services and transport companies). Staff – master receptionist, 4 car mechanic, painter, tinsmith, courier, all masters work at 35%. Financial indicators are confirmed by the program “Auto Dealer”, 1C and management reporting.