Sale of car-care centers in Volokolamsky district

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Sale of car-care centers in Volokolamsky district (property)

Sale of car-care centers in Volokolamsky district
Fixed cost

7 000 000 PUB.

Average monthly turnover ofrubles

Monthly profit250 000 rub

Payback of70 months.

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Basic information
NameSale of car-care centers in Volokolamsky district (property)
IndustryAuto business
IndustryProperty in the property
IndustryCar service
Size of investmentup to 10,000,000 rubles
Produced products, types of servicesCar service
Term of business existence3,5 years
The number of employees5
Organizational and legal formFE
Approximate locationVolokolamsky district
CityMoscow region
Reason for selling a businessMoving in
Number of owners of shares (shareholders)1
Financial picture
Fixed cost of business7 million rubles.
Monthly profit250 000 rubles.
Fixed assets
The propertyPremises total area of ​​280 square meters and a land area of ​​300 square meters in ownership.
Means of productionThe car service room is fully equipped with all the necessary expensive equipment: lifts, slipway, spray booth, diagnostic equipment and much more. The room is made with quality, fresh repair. Centralized water supply and sewerage, allocated electric power 75 kW.
Certificates, licensesIn the presence of all the necessary permits, certificates of ownership of the building and land.
Additional Information
Additional InformationAn operating car-care center is located in Volokolamsky district, near the town of Ruza. The car service building is located on the first line of the busy highway, five repair boxes, high ceilings (5 meters), the adjacent territory with its own parking.